to Brace

a poem dedicated to my favorite non-fictional otp Brace aka ReflectedGlory and LittleMsHollywood (bry and Chase) well, i tried and i hope you guys like it .
i'll go down with this Ship! the 6th line there's a refrence from jane austen's novel Persuasion ,which was set mainly in bath and since brace went to bath together it just popped into my mind


1. To Brace

Here’s to my OTP Brace

The couple who fell in love with such grace

Both went on a blind date set by a friend

And were waiting before hand for it to end

The last blind date was a complete disaster

So was this one like breaking a head and giving a plaister

Harry got a key to her house on his 15th birthday

So he sneaked in the morning and took her away

Locked her up in his place, making sure she’d stay

She was forced to go on that date

She tried to escape but it was too late

But as Bry first set foot in the place

A smile was drawn on chase’s face

It was as if they were both alone in a third space

I do believe it was love at first sight

For Bry was calm and didn’t pick up a fight

Both sat together struck by love

And Harry’s watching them from above

With the running commentary everyone on movellas

Had their heart beating loudly in their chest

All wondering what might happen next

An overwhelming sense of familiarity is what they both felt

As time stopped and the world before them began to melt

What a coincidence that brought those two

And Dr.LID Lurve it’s all thanks to you

They both fell in love with each other at once

As the surroundings melted away and they fell into a trance

Even though they’ve been together for less than a month

A date after date they became more close

And a strong relationship began to arose

He would walk her all the way home

For he didn’t want her to go back alone

He’d make her eat carbs and ruin her diet

And he wouldn’t let her out of his sight

She was on his mind all day and night

It all happened so fast

A kind of love that is meant to last

They were brought together by fate

And became a couple nothing could separate

And for this we all have to celebrate

We’re all here waiting for the moment you’ll say I do

As we wish all the best to you

Bry don’t ever give up on him, he knows Latin, the guy is so smart

And Chase don’t you even think about breaking her heart

With all my heart I wish you all the happiness in life

From this moment ,till you’re a lawful husband and wife


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