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Rose and Josh meet at school. They start sending notes through classes and they are always sharing cheeky winks. They get together but something goes wrong. Is Rose going to get the ending she always wanted? Will Josh survive?
Read to find out!


5. The number

I didn't recognise the number so I read the text. it read

'Why did you take him from me? What did I do to deserve this? Evil girl, I'll get you'

At first I couldn't think who it was, then I knew...




It was Chantelle.



She meant business, and when she did you wanted to stay clear out of her path, but now, she's coming for me. How would I get out of this?.



The next day, I didn't want to go into school, sure, I had a massive English and Biology exam that if I failed, that's it. For good, no more chances. Zilch. Nada. No more. My best friend Lizzie caught me daydreaming in Geography and nudged me so hard my books fell on the floor, the class bust out laughing. But Miss Gregory soon set them straight. I turned bright red and before I knew it, Josh was there helping me with my books, He kissed me in front of the whole class. Sending Chantelle red with fury. As soon as we got out of the class Chantelle pushed me to the floor sending me flying across the corridor.

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