truly madly deeply in love

this story is the second to They Dont Know About Us ik i didnt mention zayn and angel but i will this time.


4. It's a lie

this is chapter 4 l'm not sure of how this will turn out but here goes


 A= Angel







1D= One Direction


*a week later*

It's been a week since l've been sick and i have been feeling alot better and i am going job hunting later on today. but i woke up and went down stairs and poured me so tea. grabbed a magazine off the table and began to look at it.. i looked at the cover closer and it looked like Niall kissing so blonde tramp! i heard someone come inside i thought it would be Niall but it was Liam. Li: hey Jamie i thought i would come by and say hey so hey! J: hey Li i said and began tearing up. Li: heyy wat's wrong? J: nothing just that Niall is a cheater and that i trusted him and gave him 8 months of my life!!!!! nothings wrong i guess liam!!!!! Li: look im sure niall didn't cheat on you. J: look at this picture Liam does that look photo shopped to YOU!!!! no i didn't think so!? i checked ok i checked to see if it was it's not its probally that blonde girl Amy.!!!!! Li: now you know him and Amy broke up a while ago he broke up with her for you! J: wat ever Li but i thought i could trust him. N: trust me with wat? J: i'll tell you wat!! i jumped up and almost screamed and Liam grabbed me and covered my mouth. N: what's going on? J: I don't know Niall why don't you go ask Amy! N: Amy i haven't spoken to her since like a year ago. J: yeah cause your probally to busy having your lips on her lips!!!! N: what are you talking about I never cheated on you!!!!! J: well tell that to the magazine! N: the photo looks completely photo shopped!!!! J: to you!!! Li: it does look pretty real to me! N: not helping Liam! J: haha 2 againist 1 2 againist 1!! i stuck my tounge out at him. N: you wanna know the truth? J: I don't know No yes DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N: ok the truth is........










Jamie: sorry gotta go get ready for skool i will finish writing when i get home luv ya bi!

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