plane crash

eliza is a normal 18 year old girl and had not a care in the world until her mom dad and brother die in a plane crash somewhere in the middle of the ocean she is alone and has nowhere to go no one in her family will take her in not even her god parents so she has to take care of herself until one day one direction finds out what has happend to her then her whole world changes.

this is my first book EVER and i really hope you enjoy it


3. We're here!!!

We are in America!!! We have been here once but that was for a tour and I didn't have any fun I'm not to sure about the others..... Well we are now looking for the house. She lives in a really small town smaller than I've seen ever and it's kind of sad I mean she has a hard enough life already does she really need this!! Well Paul is driving us to her house and then leaving us there until we call so we may stay for a while

we arrive at Eliza's house all the lights are off exept the one upstairs to the very far left and I could see a figure sitting there in a ball
I get out of the car and knock on the door i see the figure slowly get up and then the door is answered I see a girl with puffy red eyes and a running nose in long fuzzy pants and an old tee shirt I guess she found out about the plane crash I feel so bad for her.....
I saw a boy with blonde hair at the door through my blurry eyes I still can't believe they all died
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