Day 364

This is an expansion from an idea that started with The Prison Of Ice (another short story), and this one I have plans to be a little bit longer. So bear's not finished yet. Please comment, and keep checking back for new chapters! :)


1. My name.


My name. That would be a good place to start. Name. Right, yes okay. My name. My name is Not Important. What’s important is that I’m here, and you’re here. And this is where I live. Look around if you like. It’s a big white cube with a simple bed in the corner. A wardrobe, made of strong brown wood. A brown door by the wardrobe leads to a bathroom. In it is one toilet, white. One shower, once white but now grey. A mirror, which was once my height, but is now smaller. Change happens. And that’s it. And this is my life.

I look in the mirror, and a tall, lanky, skinny girl looks back at me. I raise my left arm and she raises hers. She blinks at me, and I feel my eyes close. I open my mouth and see her pink tongue. Both of us are wearing white robes, that always seem to be clean. She must be me. And therefore I am her. Or is it the other way around?

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