Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


16. Salsa With A Star

I am soooooooOOOOOooooo sorry it has taken this long for me to update! It's just college is crazyyyy and it's almost the end of the semester so hopefully I'll have more time to write.

Who watched 1D Day?? I sat through the entire thing and I don't regret a second. What was your favorite part? Mine was the Talk Dirty video. Sexy and hilarious.

Anyways, leave me comments letting me know what you think!!

Love you all<3



Louis’ POV


“Holy feathers.”


That was the first thing out of my mouth when I saw Laurel. Her skirt was comprised of blue, green, pink and yellow feathers, one layer on top of the other. On her side, were blue and purple feather boa-like things.


“I told you, I’m an exotic bird.” She struck a pose. “Don’t I look the part?”


“Very much so,” I agreed. “And we match.”


Laurel raised an eyebrow, “We always match.”


“Huh, I hadn’t noticed that.” I said.


“Wow,” she dragged out. “You are so observant.”


“Shut up,” I pushed her shoulder. “Let’s go to the makeup trailer so they can make you decent looking. It’s not Halloween.”


Her jaw dropped, “You dick. At least I’m not a guy that has to wear makeup, how unfortunate is that?” We stared at each other before laughing. “You’re such a jerk.” Laurel said.


“I try,” I thanked her.


Laurel shook her head before stalking past me, the feathers on her skirt flowing behind her. I quickly caught up to her and together we entered the makeup and hair trailer. My hair and makeup was finished quickly, a fedora set on my head was the last piece to my ensemble. I sat in a chair off to the side texting Eleanor while the stylists finished with Laurel. One woman was clipping flowers and feathers in Laurel’s hair as the makeup artist painted a bright pink lipstick on her lips.


“Finished!” The stylist smiled. “You’re free to go.”


“Thanks Nina,” Laurel said. We walked out of the trailer and into the studio before she turned to me. “Is your family coming tonight?”


I nodded, “My mom and the twins are coming tonight. I think next week all four of my sisters are coming.”


“And I thought it was hard having two siblings,” Laurel said, eyes wide. “But I’ve wondered what it would be like to have a sister.”


“You can take one of mine,” I joked.


“No thanks. Handling my brothers is hard enough.” Laurel retorted.


“Yes, but at the same time I know how that is. I’ve got four brothers now, too.” I agreed. “So in reality, it’s like I’ve got eight siblings.”


Laurel scrunched up her nose, “Quite glad that’s not me. But you’ll never be lonely.”


“True,” I concurred.


The two of us went into the backstage waiting room and hung out for ten minutes before we were told to line up for the start of the show. As we neared the top of the stairs, I held out my arm for Laurel and she tucked her arm under mine. Our name was called as we began descending the stairs and I smiled. I looked around and saw my mom with Daisy and Phoebe; I waved to them and they eagerly waved back.


Laurel and I stood in the designated spot and waited for the other couples to reach the dance floor.


“The couple up first to dance tonight is Sean and Emma. Last week they were near the bottom of the leader board, so let’s see how they kicked it up a notch this week.” Anthony said.


The lights in the ballroom dimmed and everyone except Sean and Emma left the floor. I started for the sky box, but Laurel tugged on my arm. “We’re going backstage because we’re up after them.” She explained.


I followed her backstage and we watched the package and then their performance. They did pretty well and before I knew it, Laurel and I were being ushered to the dance floor. During the commercial, the crew had set up vines that went from the floor to the ceiling.


Laurel and I stood in the middle of the dance floor while Sean and Emma got their scores up in the sky box. Cat was finishing her speech as Laurel was playing with the feathers on her costume. “Sell it Laurel,” Anthony laughed as Laurel began moving the boa in circles. “Last week, Louis was near the top of the leader board, so with the pressure to stay at the top, let’s see how he prepared for this week’s performance.”


The lights dimmed and the video from our week of rehearsals played on the screen. I couldn’t help but smile when it showed me falling on Laurel; I mean I feel bad that I almost squished her, but watching it back it was pretty comical.


“Go get in place,” Laurel pushed me towards the stage.


On my way up the stairs, I picked up the pair of binoculars and rope then readjusted the fedora on my head. “And now, dancing the salsa is Louis Tomlinson and his partner Laurel Weiss.” The announcer spoke.


I took a couple steps forward and brought the binoculars to my eyes, looking for Laurel before dropping the rope and binoculars and stepping down the stairs and shimmying towards Laurel. As soon as we got to the chest popping part, I heard the crowd cheer and I couldn’t help but smirk a little.


After we leaned into each other, Laurel reached up and took my hat off before throwing it behind her. There was another cross body turn before I dipped her, hearing her voice in my head counting off the steps.


When the part of the routine where I had to get close, I made sure to leave almost no space between us to really sell the performance. I counted the steps in my head; two cross steps, turn, slow hips and pop, just like Laurel did in rehearsals. I spun around before I slid on my knees towards her, placing my hands on her hips. She shook her hips and shimmied as I shook my head along before we stood up. I placed my hand on the back of her neck as she spun around twice before I dipped her and stepped over her legs, almost losing my balance.


I noticed Laurel pulling on the strap of her dress as we met in the middle of the floor before stepping out, in and out again, then shimmying away and towards each other. Laurel spun three more times before I dipped down with Laurel resting on one knee and then the music ended.


The crowd cheered as I lifted Laurel back up; Laurel pulled up her dress as we walked to the judges table. “You alright there?” Anthony laughed.


Laurel waved him off, “I’m good.”


Anthony laughed, “Okay then.” He waited for the crowd to quiet down before turning to the judges. “Bruno.” He said.


“Louis! I’m not sure how, but you are just wired for salsa! It was exhilarating and full of energy and your timing was unbelievable. You never lost it; it’s insane.” Bruno stood up as he was talking. I thanked him and looked to Laurel who was grinning back at me.


“Carrie-Ann,” Anthony said.


“You have your own thing going on and it was sexy.” She paused. “I’m not trying to be a cougar-,“ I laughed at that, “-but that routine was you and I’m glad you didn’t try to change too much in order to get the votes. Your timing was great; I loved your lines and the different styles. It was a great mix.”


Anthony gestured to the last judge, “Len.”


“You’re like a guy with his first car, full speed ahead. But sometimes you just have lean back and enjoy the ride.” He said.


I nodded and smiled at Laurel as we were told to go up to the sky box for our scores. “That was great!” Laurel piped up from my side.


I pulled her to my side, “That’s because I have a great teacher.”


Laurel just smiled and shook her head slightly as we reached the sky box. Cat gestured towards us and we stepped over in front of the camera. “So Louis, this week it seemed like you were having a bit of trouble finding your sexy side. How did you finally do it?” Cat asked.


“Well, every time I tried, Laurel would laugh at my poor attempts so I had to channel the sexiest dancer I know. Channing Tatum.” I stated and the women in the crowd cheered.


Laurel rolled her eyes and Cat laughed, “I’m sure a lot of girls would love to see you in Magic Mike. But let’s get your scores.”


“Carrie-Ann Inaba.” The announcer said.


“Nine.” Laurel hugged my side.


“Len Goodman.”


“Eight.” I pursed my lips at that.


“Bruno Toniolo.”




Laurel wrapped her arms around my waist and I hugged her back. “That’s a total of twenty-six points out of thirty. How do you feel about that?”


“I’ll take it. It’s a good score and I had fun out there, so I’m happy.” I said.


Cat nodded and turned to the camera, “Even with their score, they still need your help, so don’t forgot to vote; you can call, text or tweet your votes. Great job guys!”


We walked over to the couches once the camera was off; we sat down next to each other and I remembered something. “What was up with your outfit?” I asked.


Laurel laughed and shook her head, “The sleeve was falling off my shoulder and I almost flashed everyone watching.”


I raised my eyebrows, “That would’ve been something to see.”


I was left rubbing my numb arm after Laurel punched my shoulder. Hard.

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