Take Me to Another World

This is the story about a girl who is totally different from everybody else. She was born different. She was born deaf and had to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. Then when she gets a job internship in London and meets different people and that’s when her life changes forever.


6. Dani


Dammit, why didn’t he answer my call? It was a one time thing… well maybe it did happen more than once… But he would never give me the satisfaction, he always wanted to wait, wait for that “special” timing. I go to my computer to check the latest 1D news. I see Harry and Zayn with a new girl, who is she? Why the hell does she look like me? Is he trying to replace her with me? We’ll this bitch is not gonna see the real bitch coming. Let’s see her name is Serena Ramirez, hmmm… She must be the new girl around here. We’ll she’s not going to get fame from hanging around them. And I better not see her arm around my Liam. Crap, too late, there she is, riding behind my Liam with her arm wrapped around him. What the hell! Is he trying to make me jealous?! Well guess what? It’s working Liam.

It’s time to dig some dirt on this girl, it seems that she lives in the same building as Eleanor.

 –Hey el, can we talk? I need to ask you something. ASAP, xoxox Dani- I hit send on my phone. I can feel my nails digging into my skin of my thigh.

That girl is nothing like me, she can’t dance, and she’s not even a professional worker. She probably just dressed up to look professional.

Buzz, Buzz

-Hey dani, whatsup? Can’t meet, but we can talk over the phone, love, el-

I dial her number


-it’s about time you answer!

-geez dani, I’m in school you know, not everybody has that free time that you do

-ok well, I wanted to see how you were doing?

-I’m fine, now what is it that you wanted to ask, and make it quick, I have class in 15 minutes

-Who is this Serena Ramirez girl that you guys are hanging out with?

-Oh my god! Serena? She is so much fun! I love her! She lives a floor below me, and she works for Simon now. She is their new head accountant of the company. She’s been saving them a lot of money. Frankly you should be proud of her, she’s saving YOU money.

-I don’t care about that. I want to know why is she hanging out with our boys?

-Well, they like her a lot, and she seems to enjoy their company too, there is nothing wrong with hanging out with them. Geez dani, you need to take a chill pill.

-I am calm, el, I just don’t see why her working for them is an excuse to throw herself all over my Liam.

-Dani, he’s not yours anymore! You’ve ruined the relationship between you guys so many times! Do you know how mad he looks everyday! And Serena is not throwing herself all over Liam, he just gave her a ride to her loft and ate dinner with her.

-Ate dinner with her?! Now you’re her bff? What happened to us?!

-She’s a good friend, there is nothing wrong with making new friends and she’s really fun! Now look, I gotta go, I’m going to be late for class! Bye love!!

-Bye, bitch..

-Wait, what did you just call me?!

I just hung up on her. This girl is taking everyone away from, my best friend, my Liam, what’s next, my job?

This girl better watch out because the bitch is coming, and she is not going in easy.

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