The Blackmailer

Melissa is best friends with someone who wants more than just Melissa. Tiffany knows she is destined for success in popularity, and when she decides to take the chance, she makes it. A heartbroken and confused Melissa thinks an existence without Tiffany is a life without the sun until she realizes that it isn't her fault. Slowly growing insane from the silence and secrets she'd been holding for so long, she lashes out in hopes that her friend will fall from grace and back to her. She goes from the bullied to the Blackmailer overnight. Will Melissa realize it or go insane from the power she now possesses anonymously?


1. Preface


To breathe or not to breathe; that is the question. Shakespeare had it all wrong.

The wind whips my hair into my face and chills my blood. My body is telling me to step back, but my soul tells me to jump. I have the noose perfectly tied to the tree and around my neck. My feet rest on the roof, ready to let go. Nothing should be stopping me. I’ve already felt so much pain; I should just leave before I cause trouble to anyone else.

It didn’t used to be like this. I’d thought about this, just like every other teenager, but I’d never really wanted to go through with it. It was all because she was gone that I want this more than anything. My best and only friend was gone forever, and no matter how much I’d been expecting it I was still completely empty.

Do you even know what I’m talking about? You don’t, do you? Well, then. Sit back, relax; you’ll be here for a while.

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