Beauty stained with blood

a poem about president's snow white rose.


1. the white rose

White smooth petals just like snow

Unlike the heart from where the blood flow

The rose hurt itself as well as everyone else

It’s beauty wasn’t a blessing but more like a curse

For evil was settled from it’s top to deep roots in earth

Hatred filled the heart of the rose

With it the vicious venom arose

A strong flowery smell from it reeks

With every drop of blood that leaks

Sharp thin thorns their stood

No one dared touch it,no one could

No such hatred lived in other flower

With such a fatal poisonous power

A white rose dangling from devil’s land

A rose that once grew ,on an evil land

Beauty stained with blood

Pouring A dark red flood

A white rose left to deliver a message

One that’s not so hard to presage

the rose was in the president’s lapel

confirming the source of the death  smell

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