They Don't Know About Us

Sienna enters a contest (with the help of her best friend) to spend one whole week with One Direction and unexpectedly wins. Having no other choice, she accepts. But later on, she gets all five guys to fall in love with her in one week. Who will she choose? Harry, the Flirt? Liam, the Smart one? Niall, the Funny one? Zayn, the Vain one? Or Louis, the Leader? When the week is over, Sienna's chance of being with one of guys is gone. Will she get another chance during her Senior Year?


11. Date gone... right?

That Friday was the day we were announcing the winner of the contest. The girls who signed up were gathered around the table. The bucket was passed to me as I reached in and pulled out the paper to read the name. "Catherine Meyers." I called out. Catherine appeared next to me with a smile on her face. "Your week starts next Monday." I told her.

Catherine nodded, then the bell rang to signal lunch had started. "I can't believe I won." Catherine smiled as all the cheerleaders sat down at our table. "I'd go for Liam." I told her. "What? Why? I like Niall." Catherine said. I shrugged and continued to eat my food. I smiled to myself and found everyone looking at me weirdly. "Sorry." I said, then ate my food. I finished my food, stood up, and walked away.

After school, I walked to my car and drove home. For the longest time, I didn't have to worry about any boys or deal with any. I went to my room to look through my closet and find what I could wear for my date with Harry. When it was 6 pm, I was ready and the door bell rang. I opened the door and was met face to face with Harry. "You look beautiful." he smiled.

I thanked him, complementing him as well. He led me to his car and opened the door for me. I got in and he slid in the driver's seat beside me. We arrived at the restaurant and the waiter showed us to our seats. We ordered our food and drinks, then began talking while waiting for our food.

"I'm glad you agreed to go with me. I was afraid you would say no if I asked." Harry said as soon as our food came to our table. I took a bite of my pasta and shrugged. "I just think it's best to give you another chance. I was rude to push you away like that." I said.

"I'm a bit glad that you stopped me from kissing you that time." he said, looking down at his plate. "Why's that?" I asked him. He smiled, "I think you were trying to tell me that not all girls are easy to get and I should try harder to impress them." I just smiled and continued eating.

The restaurant brought back a lot of memories, especially with Niall. I honestly missed his laugh and all the other times since the day we came here, I wanted to avoid this place. "So, who won the contest?" Harry asked. We were in the middle of eating dessert and I looked at him when he asked. "Catherine. She's a Junior and she's on the cheerleading team." I said.

"You're a Senior, right?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. I'm graduating in a few months."

"Scary, huh?"

"A little bit. I'll be going to college in the Fall so I guess it won't be that bad." I was going to miss Savannah though. She was going to college in UCLA while I was going all the way to NYU. At least I'll see her during breaks. "Where you going for college?" he asked. "NYU." I replied.

"Tell me more about this Catherine person."

"She's a girl, not a person. She's really sweet and fun. She's outgoing, loves to go shopping, play video games. I guess she's leans towards the girl side. She's-" I was going to say 'not your type' but I didn't want Harry to think that I was interested in him. "She likes guys who can sing." I told him instead.

"Well, she'll have one hell of a week that's for sure." he said with a chuckle. I know I did. I added silently in my mind. We finished dessert and Harry paid for our food. We walked outside and got in his car. "Thanks for the ride Harry." I smiled as soon as we were parked right outside my house. "No problem." he smiled.

I sat in his car for a moment, thinking of what to say next but I changed my mind. I opened the door to get out, but Harry gently grabbed me by the arm and kissed me. Before I wouldn't have done this, but I kissed him back. Once we pulled away, the sensation of the kiss lingered on my lips. "I had a great time Sienna." he smiled. I blushed, then got out of the car and closed the door. I watched him drive away, then headed back inside the house.

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