The Memories Of Yester-year

The inspiration for this poem came from listening to one of my favourite band’s albums, ‘Fallen’ by Evanescence. Evanescence are quite a gothic band, and write songs about love and complications with love. The running themes through the album ‘Fallen’ are sadness and despair, and the loss of a lover.


1. The Memories Of Yester-year


The final time we spoke was here,

I reminisce of yester-year.

I still count each day that’s passed

Those youthful days just didn’t last.


The memory of our last embrace still lingers in my mind,

Just like the broken mess that’s me. That’s what you left behind.

All these thoughts of you, still here, swirling in my head

It’s nothing like it was back then, all those memories, dead.


But not one of those are dead to me,

I close my eyes; it’s you I see.

I scream again, release the pain

Agony is all I gain.

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