Three Girls Go Missing From Three Different States. Hayley Age 16. Kira Age 17. Alice Age 19. What Do These Girls Have In Commom? They Were All Kidnapped By English-Irish Boy Band. The Wanted. l;


3. Missing-Alice


Alice May Reid

Age 19 

Last seen leaving her mother's house

Long black hair with a red streak

Green eyes


If seen please call 348-274-0923



Alice's POV

A few days before.

I get into my car and wave goodbye to my mom. I've been living on my own for three months now. Its not exactly on my own. I have my best friend Jamie living with me. I drive to our apartment. She's still at work. I unlock the door. Something doesn't feel right. You know that feeling you get when somethings about to go wrong? Well that feeling was  nesting on the pit of my tummy. I walk in and see someone sitting on my couch. I stop in my tracks, my shoe makes a squeal noise and he turns around. ''Hello.'' He says in a thick Irish accent. He grabs me and adrenaline starts coursing through my veins. I kick him in the knee and run. I get almost out the door when he tackles me. I hit my head hard on the tile and everything turns blurry, then black.


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