Truly, Madly, Deeply

Leo a normal Teenage girl living with her 4 brothers in NYC experiences a life changing situation on which she loses friends, gains friends and possibly is a helper in creating one of the world most famous boy-bands. Thats right, One direction before the fame and fortune. A story of a normal girl becoming famous for just knowing and possibly dating one of the members of 1D. Little do they know what is in store for them


2. Hungry

The  streets were empty. After school they always were. It was one of the far off places of NYC, not crawling with people that's only Penn station, that areas packed. Our little area was only busy in the morning and evening. Work traffic. The little cafe we were going to wasn't like a Starbucks it was almost a little shop and hang out place put together, they sold paninis, baked goods and Italian drinks like espresso and cappuccino.

"Is Leo your real name?" He blurted out halfway through the walk.

"No. Its Leonora."

"Grandma's name?"


"Are you Italian then?"

"Yeah, my grandma is. I'm 25 percent. If you want to be technical I'm roman."

"What else do you have in you?"

"25 Irish, 10 french, 30 Scottish and 10 German."

"Your very European I see."


Few people actually walked past us. Most of them were kids from my school that I didn't know but Liam obviously did. When they would walk he would nod his head as a way to say 'sup'. He legit knew everyone. It was creepy.

"Do you play any sports?" I blurted it out. I knew the answer of course, he was the captain of our schools soccer and hockey team.

He did a little laugh. "Yeah I play a bunch. Hockey, soccer, baseball, and im trying out for lacrosse this year." His hand moved to the back of his neck and he did a little sigh laugh. Dam. Hes hot. "Do you play any?"

"Softball and hockey." I mumbled.

"Field or Ice?" He heard me. Shit.

"Both. Field for school and I play in leagues for Ice."

"Your so tiny! Does it hurt when you get hit?" Great. He now notices my size.

"A little, I'm fast on the ice. Smallest player on the team too."

"Well I can see. How tall are you?"


"Tell mee!" He was acting like a little kid. I looked at him and I melted into his face. He made puppy dog eyes. How could I resist?

"I'm five foot."


"I'm done growing too."

"Sucks to suck." I pushed him playfully. "Do you have a favorite team?"

"The penguins." He scrunched up his nose. We were almost to the cafe. A few more minutes maybe.

"I'm a rangers kind of guy." He smiled. The rangers were very good can't deny that. "What other sports teams do you like?"

"For baseball I like the Yankees, Football- the Patriots and the Knicks for basketball."

"How can you like the Pat's!" He exclaimed it. It wasn't really a question more like a statement but I answered.

"Just wait and see." He  tilted his head back and laughed. He was enjoying my company. Wow. Its a first.

The cafe soon came in to viewing we both picked up the pace being that the air was becoming pretty cool. We walked up to it and he held the door open for me. "What a gentleman."

He flashed me a dimpled smile. "I try." I pushed him playfully again. "So what do you want. I'll order and you can get the table."

"Surprise me." Honestly I could care less. All the food here is good. He nodded and turned to get on the line. The line was long but it moved fast which was why tons of kids from school came here. It was central to most homes of the students and they had a back area with a flat screen and a couch. How could you resist?

I moved my way to the front corner of the cafe and found a high up table against the wall with 2 chairs. I sat on the seat against the wall and slid my phone out.

Kim Possible ;)

'I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!'

I read it and quickly replied to her.



'im not good at that.'

'Then I wont tell u'



'A bar???'


'u sure :p'

'shutttt  ittt.'


"Im back." Liam sat down on the chair in front of me. I locked my phone and set it down next to me. "I got you a vanilla Italian soda and a double chocolate chip muffin."

"Thanks." I grabbed it from him. I set the muffin down and took  a sip of the soda. My phone beeped again. I rolled my eyes and checked it.




'ya. gtg.'

'im jelly...biiiii'

"Who's that?" Liam pointed to my phone.

"A friend."

"Very descriptive Leo."

"I know." I made a weird face with my tongue out  and he shook his head laughing.

"Seriously who?"

"Kim Parks."

"Red head?" I nodded at him taking a piece off my muffin and popping into my mouth. It was good. I love muffins.  "So you think we should start this?" He held up the file folder.

"I guess." I took another sip of my drink. He placed the folder down and opened it  looking at a few files. Each time I went to grab a document he swatted my hand away.

"Wow." He flopped down one of the files.

"Care to share?" I was annoyed, for a group effort Liam was being a poo and doing all the work.

"Well, a woman's husband was murdered." He paused and took a sip of his drink. " 2 shots one to the head the other to the heart. They found the bullets during the autopsy."

"Pleasant." I joked, always ease the bad situations with a comment. Works for me at home.

"So the woman had three daughters and one son. And the man was very nice he donated to many charities and he didn't have any enemies. Any input." I thought for a second.

"One-thats what they always say and two-the son."

"Brilliant! Thats genius." He clapped his hands together. "So what do you think of Mr. Jonson?"

"Hes mysterious, but he seems pretty nice." I took another sip of my drink. My muffin had already been eaten.

"Thats what I thought too." He smiled. "He looks kind of-"

"Hey Li!" A girl cut him off. Not any girl though. Becca Smith. Class one whore. She ran a hand through her blond hair that was totally bleached and batted her blue eyes. She looked retarded doing it.

"Hello Becca how are you?" Liam said after a few seconds.

"The question is how are you? Come sit with us Li! Leave Lea alone, she'll just make you move to a different country." She chirped it. The bitch. I clenched my fists together. ONE DAY I WILL HAVE PAYBACK. One day when im dating a famous person.

"Im good here. And Becca her name is Leo." I looked a Liam first then Becca. Her face was priceless. B to the U to the R  to the N. BURN. Liam's my new best friend. No doubt about it.

"Whatever. If you get bored come to us were by the couch." She turned and walked off. The power of being a hot popular boy is amazing.

"Ughh." He groaned. "Worst thing is I have to be nice! Shes Louis cousin and he said to treat her nicely or she will destroy your social life."

"Wonderful." I rolled my eyes and took another sip. It was good. Really good. Like I was drinking unicorn pee. Or rainbow fluids. Yep.

He laughed a loud booming one, like I said the ultimate joke. I saw him look near Becca and I followed his gaze. She was glaring over at our table. I looked away quickly.

"Hurry, lets go before she kills you."

"Why me?"

"Both of us. K. Now hurry." We both rushed out of the cafe, we threw our garbage away and we turned left once we hit the corner we slowed down.  "Do you live around here?"

"Yeah, just down the block actually." I pointed to the direction my house was in.

"Cool. Cool. I'll walk you home."

"You dont have to."

"Well im going to so there's no arguing." We crossed the street and headed into a little home section.

All the homes in my neighborhood were closely packed, almost like apartments. They all had a white fence around the house. The houses were legit identical. They all had two floors two windows on the top and the bottom had steps leading up to a door and a bay window.

My house was halfway down the block so it was going to be a short walk.

"Which one is yours?"

"Halfway down." He nodded and I punted a pebble into the middle of the road. We passed a few more houses and we got to mine. "Thanks Liam." I left him standing there while I went to grab the fence to open it.

"No problem and remember we have a meeting tomorrow."

"I know I know. See ya." I opened the gate and walked in slamming it behind me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him walk away. I hopped up the front steps and opened the door.

I walked inside and I smelt the greatest thing in the universe. Chinese food. I live off of it. Also sweet tea. Dat shit cray. "I LOVE YOU DAD!"

"Its from Panda!" Kyle screamed from the kitchen. I tossed my bag to the side near the stairs and  I ran to the kitchen at the end of the hallway. I walked in and seated at our table was My dad and my four brothers. Fun right? Best thing is im the oldest. I took a sweet tea from the fridge and cracked it open sitting next to Brian.

"How was your day?" My dad asked in between eating.

"Good. Pat, pass the Lo mein." He handed the box to Dom who handed it to me. I grabbed a random pair of chopsticks and dug into it. I took my first bite then Dom screamed.

"I wanted some!" He slammed his fist on the table. "Not fair!" Bratty little 7 year old.

"Thats why we buy two." My dad said opening a container full of it. We all sat in silence eating, then Kyle broke it.

"Was that Liam?" I almost spit out my food. He saw? Shit. He leaned back in his chair and turned to my father who looked bug eyed.

"Who's Liam."

"Were doing that internship thing together."

"Oh OK." Mad awkward, this was mad awkward. Shit.

"Captain of the Hokey team too." Kyle added.

"Good taste I see." My dad stabbed a piece of chicken.

"Im out." I stood up and threw away the empty container and put the drink back in the fridge. "I'm showering."

I walked into the hallway into the bathroom and began to take my shower. I showered at night because if i did in the morning it would be horrible. There are 7 people living in this house. 7. Thats allot considering its a 4 bedroom house. I showered and washed my hair. When I finished I hopped out and dried myself opening the draw and pulling out clothes to put on. I slipped them on and shut the bathroom draw. I braided my hair and hung the towel back up. I walked out and went upstairs to my room.

"NIGHT!" I yelled down to my family. I got into my bed and covered myself in blankets.

A while in when I was about to fall asleep I got hit in the chest by a cat. "Get off or I will throw you out the window." Being the arrogant cat she is she walked over to my head and sat half on the top and half on my pillow."Goodnight." She made a few weird cat noises and I fell asleep to the sound of her breathing.


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