Stole my heart (as if) COMPLETED

`I hate one direction` for years Jess has hated One Direction. But when her dad's girlfriend takes her to a fancy hotel she never dreamed she would fall in love with one of the members. Let's just say the joker of the group.


1. the woman with a plan

Jess p.o.v

'So darling what do you think?' cooed Courtney

'Fantatsic baby' Dad answered kissing her full on the lips. They held it for several sounds obviously not inane rush to stop.

I just look at them in disgust,  Dad and Courtney seemed to have forgetten that there was someone else in the room. I looked at Dad he looked stupid. He had that pathetic loves truck look on his face and his eyes had turned as gooey as toffee. He looked at Courtney as if she was an ice lolly. It was disgusting.

She wasn't any better. All she had to do was adjust her teeny tight pink skirt and smack her pinklipsand she had dad fixated.

"Oh darling," Dad sighed running his hands down her thigh.

Inside of smacking his hand away Courtney fixed Dad with a sickly grin. Oh god I had to stop this before I threw up.

"Anyway um Courtney don't you have that report to finish," I said.

'Yes I do anyway see you tomorrow' she squeaked, waving her huge long pink nails at me.

'Yes I know every second without you will feel like a nightmare blah blah' I said pushing Countrey out the door.

I leaned against door frame pretending to pant.

'Phew' I screamed.

I looked over at Dad he had his arms crossed and he was glaring at me.

'Honestly Jess why are you so mean to Countrey shes a lovely woman' he mumbled but there was an edge to his voice.

'Sorry' I muttered.

Dad turned around and walked into the living room, I followed him.

'Now Jess I've got something to tell you' he said.

I closed my eyes and prayed it wasn't going to include the words marriage or baby or even worse BOTH!!!!

'What is it'?

'Well you see Countrey has to go up to london for a fortnight  for her companys best selling groups special concert and she was wondering maybe we should go with her'?

'Ok sure' I said like Dad had just past me the remote not offering to got up to london and see a world famous group.

'Well Countreys going on monday so we have to be ready by then' said Dad.

'Great' I answered 'wait which group is it'?

Dad did'nt speak he just answered by tapping his nose.

Oh god now I'm really excited it could JLS or The Wanted or maybe Westlife the list was endless.

'Thanks Dad I can't wait' I screamed hugging him.

'Hang on were only going on one condition, you stop being so rude to Countrey'.

'Fine' I mumbled.

'Then lets start packing' shouted Dad.

With that he ran up the stairs and started to pack for what should be the best fortnight ever. 

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