Words Unspoken *Poetry Book*

"Silence is not silent.
Silence speaks.
It speaks most eloquently.
Silence is not still.
Silence leads.
It leads most perfectly."

Journey into the human mind, and discover all of the words unspoken.


1. What Lurks Beyond

There is something that follows every being,

Something that is full of secrets. 

A luminous dark blanket, 

following the souls of the sorrowful. 

Something that conceals the unwanted, 

Hidden away from the human eye. 

You can't see this thing, 

But you can feel it. 

It lingers in your presence, 

Dimming your every move. 


Why wouldn't this figure go away?

Why couldn't you make it go away?

Why couldn't nobody make it go away?

Why, why, why?


Others cannot see it, 

But once in a while, one feels it. 

Feels the uneasiness, 

In the presence of the figure. 

When this happens, this person can see

All of the sorrow, and the silence of the beholder. 

They will know when they feel it,

That hardships have been faced. 

They will understand the pain. 


What will make it go away? 

Perhaps smiling for real, 

Instead of faking a smile everyday. 

Maybe then will the shadow disappear,

Taking its sorrow and doubt, 

Its fear and anger away, 

Leaving the person.

This absence will make the person believe

That everything is okay, 

When in reality, 

It will be back again. 

It will haunt once more.


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