District 11

This is the Reaping of District 11 in the 73rd Hunger Games. The choices are from many but for Tobias winning is everything, getting reaped and fighting for his life is his ambition as the reward for becoming victor will change his life for the better.


1. The Reaping

I awoke to the sound of shuffling feet and the pipes rattling with the sound of water. I opened one eye and looked around in the morning light. My family are preparing for the reaping. You're meant to wear you're best clothes but for my family our best is having a bath, combing our hair and wearing socks without holes in them. We rarely have running water but in the slum areas they have fixed this problem by temporarily fixing the pipes so we can look halfway decent. All of the Capitol watch the reaping and having anyone looking dirty or undernourished would just get their well fed stomachs bringing up breakfast and we can't have that. My family are lucky to get one meal a day and that food mainly consists of the oil and grain from our Tesserae.

Slowly I stretch out each of my aching limbs and stand shivering in the weak sunlight. My mother rushes towards me handing me a plate holding my breakfast, half a slice of bread with some oil on to moisten it. That's all i get. That's all anyone gets around here. That's why my name must be pulled out of that glass bowl, we need the money and food more than anyone can imagine 

"Eat, then clean that handsome face of yours Tobias." Mum said, her arm round my shoulders, "leave your clothes on the chair by the bath and i'll try to mend and clean them." 

I watched mum walk away then i stuff the bread into my mouth, grab the cleanest towel and head for the small copper bath that was filled with lukewarm water. After scrubbing at my rough-from work- skin i got out and changed into my slightly damp and freshly mended shirt and trousers. I walk over to the dusty mirror to comb my hair. With my towel i wiped away the grime and stared at my reflection. I look nothing like my dark skinned mother, my skin is a lighter brown, almost white on my hands and lips, My hair is dark brown,straight and smooth, My eyes are green. This is because of a peacekeeper. I am the child of a  rapist peacekeeper who made my own mother pregnant and decided to have nothing to do with me. I am an unwanted child, but not unloved by my mother. My father, the man married to my mother, cannot bear to look at me, I am not his, I am only a reminder of the unfortunate events that happened to his wife. He loves my mother, he loves my sister Grace, but I will never be his own so he despises me and no matter how hard i try i am never good enough for him. If i win this years Hunger Games then maybe he will accept me. At least that is what i hope.

The bell rings and we leave the house marching slowly, for some reason my thoughts are jumbled, and i can't think straight, I feel a sharp zap on my arm as the peacekeepers take a blood sample then i'm waved forward to join the rest of the boys my age. I can barely register the film playing but I do notice the name of the girl chosen. Liliana. I knew her from school. Most of the boys, including myself, had a crush on her and i couldn't bear the thought of her in the arena if i was not there too. A moment later a name is called but nobody moved, everyone turned to stare at me and it was only then i realized i had been chosen. I walk to the stage, numb with fear and emotion. I have imagined this moment again and again but the reality is different. 


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