Bills Amazing Birthday

Not Telling You
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1. 8:00

8:00 - Woke up, got on computer. screw getting drest
8:10 - started reading 'jims Holy Diary' by Tee heebee, its very good
8:20 - Mum started moaning at me so I got in the shower but I realy needed to Shit so I did it in the shower. IT WAS FUN
8:30 - Then I made also needed a pee so I did it in my mums very expensive wine.
8:40 - Mum was very happy becose I swaped the shuger in her tea for Cocane (whatever that is) and she has been very strange reasently. then she was wanking my father outside the front door. It looked fun and I tried it whith my teddy bear.
8:50 - I got in the car and spent the next 5 hours driving to get to scotland. then I took a shit on the ground. Then I drove home agein. it was fUn
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