Who Would Have Thought

Steph is One Direction's biggest fan and all she wanted for her birthday was a tweet from one of the boys, especially Harry. Who would have thought this all would have started with a tweet.



1. Best Birthday Ever


“Shut up. I’m gonna tweet Harry. He needs to follow me or something! I mean seriously! It’s my birthday for christ’s sake.” I say to my friend Jane. We’re One Direction’s biggest fans and we’ve been trying so hard to get one of the boys to tweet us or follow us on twitter and everything, but we’ve gotten no such luck.


“What would you do if he tweeted you back? Oh my god I can’t even think about it. I would die for you!” Jane laughed. “Ok what did you say?”


“I said, Hi Harry! Today’s my 17th birthday and the one thing I would love is if you tweeted me! Lots of love xx.” I read my tweet to Jane. “I really hope he responds. But if not it’s fine… I guess.” I say with a smile. It’s impossible to get them to tweet you.


Just as I press send, I get a text from twitter. My heart stops. “OH MY GOD! I got a twitter text……” I open it and it’s from Harry. But not to me. “Ugh. Not for me. It said How’s everyone’s day? Xx. Why does he do this?” I roll my eyes laughing and I leave the cafeteria to go to my next class. I put my phone in my pocket and class has begun.


I take out my phone once the bell rings, after school. I press the home button and stop in my tracks, my eyes wide open.


@Harry_Styles is now following you “WHAT!?!?!?! OH MY GOD THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!” I scream on the top of my lungs. Everyone in the halls are staring at me and my face is red and I need to find Jane. I finally find her at our locker that we share.


“JANE!!! Harry’s following me! He’s actually following me!!! JANE!!!” I say trying to keep the tears of joy from falling down my face.


“WHAT!!!! HOW OH MY GOD STEPH!!!! Steph this is what we’ve been waiting for since last year! Steph!!! I can’t.” Jane freaks out just as much as me.


“You can’t! Jane, I can’t! I’m gonna have a heart attack! I can’t breathe. Oh my god. This is the best birthday ever!!!” I say and we hug.


I get home and tell my parents and my little brother that Harry follows me on twitter now. I let out my tears and my parents are laughing and hugging me. I still can’t believe it.


Before I go to bed, I decide to DM Harry. I told myself that if one of the boys ever followed me I woundn’t DM them because I didn’t want to be that annoying fan, but I had to do it. So I DMed him.


Hi Harry! Thanx for the follow!! It made my bday!! :) Best bday ever! Lots of love.. xox

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