every bad boy falls in love

A\N hey this is my first movella i really hope u enjoy it please no hate.

every bad boy falls in love chapter 1


3. geography

After half the lesson went by i found out his name was liam and we chatted for a bit he is so sweet but we ended up doing no work whoops as we both got given half and hour D.TS oh yay.


ellas p.o.v

as me and the girls went our seperate ways i entered the class and noticed the guy from earlier was sat oppisite me he was wearing a nice stripy shirt and skinny red jeans and he just completlly blew me away we didnt chat much. but i noticed he kept looking at me from the top of his eye it made me smile after he told me his name but we diddnt get to know eachother  much witched sucked.

later on that day in 5th period tom my primary school bestfriend invited me to his party he was really popular i acepted and thanked him.  and i met with jade and the rest and asked if they wanted to come so i wasnt their all by my self. jade acepted but emily and marimar decided to stay at home and study as i got in my car and dropped the girls of i ran to my house to get ready as i stepped in i was greeted by my brother . who was 22 and we hugged and i ran straight upstairs to get ready i was so exited for it .

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