Here We Go Again (one direction trilogy book two)

Harmony, Amanda, Mackenzie and Dawn have all split into different directions, The new bride to be brings them all back together. New adventures. New attitudes and a new bride.


1. Anderson's

Harmony's P.O.V

-2 years later-

"Good morning Tania" i said to my secretary as i ran up to my office.
"Good morning Miss Anderson, Mail is on you desk miss"
"Thank you" i said smiling and walking toward the door that reads "H. Anderson. General Manager"
So much has changed since that sunny Monday afternoon in Starbucks. I am the general manager in the biggest firm of the Anderson's hotels. However, big decisions are still up to my father. I haven't seen any of my girls ever since I left New York to live in California.
I entered my office which was huge. The walls were painted the color mints, furniture was leather brown and pink. A huge desk with a pink leather chair. Pink roses in a fancy vase were on the coffee table and there were many "Paris" inspired paintings on the wall. i actually designed my office so i felt the ultimate comfortness.
I looked at the desk and grabbed the mail. Half were invitations to fancy dinner parties with other companies who would love for Anderson's to sponsor them. i took my blazer off and put it on the coat hanger. California is considered the Sunshine state so the entire building was air conditioned.
After and hour and a half of reviewing the plans my father had made I got a phone call.
"Hi Daddy"
"Hello sweetheart"
"what's up?"
"Have you reviewed the plans?"
"i am actually"
"excellent, we are going to have a video conference with all the general managers in four hours so be prepared"
"yes sir"
I started reading it and making notes, i was getting stressed so i asked for coffee. Sipping my stress away, i decided to go outside to have breakfast. I barely have breakfast anymore, no time. Especially now that we were coming out with big plans.
i was wearing cream colored skinny jeans, a baby blue button down, a navy blazer and Navy heels. My hair was in a fishtail braid.
"Good morning Miss Anderson, table for one"
"yes please"
He lead me to the pool side tables.
"The usual?" he asked.
"yep, thank you"
I took my phone out and started looking at Amanda's 18th birthday pics. We use to have so much fun, but we grew up. Left in different directions. Dawn and Amanda must see each other a lot because they live in the same city. A cheese croissant was placed in front of me with a glass of orange juice.
"oh thank you" i smiled.
I started walking around the hotel aimlessly, looking at families, couples, strangers. saying hello to the staff. i walked into the inside pool and looked at the clock. Holy Shit! i didn't notice that the meeting was in five minutes. I started running to to the office, getting weird glances from everybody i passed. luckily i made it in time. I fixed my hair, clothes everything and turned on my webcam.
nineteen faces were on my TV screen.
"Now that we are all here lets discuss the plan" started my dad.
"I think its a perfect plan sir" said Patrick. Kiss up. General manager of the Anderson's in Arizona.
"Actually, i thought of an even better plan" I said "How about not advertize but open a new firm outside the US"
They all looked impressed, my dad winked at me.
"Excellent plan" he said.
After half an hour of business talk, my phone vibrated.
Two missed calls from Dawn.
One message.
I looked at the screen they were still discussing props and cons, i opened the message and read it under the desk.

From: Dawn

"HOLY SHIT!" i yelled and jumped up.
i looked at the screen and everybody had stopped and started looking at my place on the screen. After apologizing and more business talks i didnt notice that i was smiling from ear to ear. Here we go again.

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