This story is about a girl who gets kidnapped and tortured. When she is kidnapped she is not alone. One of the one direction boys get took with it but who could it be?


1. Mornings

Mazy's P.O.V

Wake up stupid.That was my stupid dad Bill. He is so annoying,sometimes I just want to strangle him. Today was stupid school. I'm not really very popular around here, most of the time I he pushed to the floor or shoved into a locker or kicked. I used to have a friend named Harry that watched out for me. He would tell them to stop. But he is traveling all over the world with four other guys. I miss him. I got up and put on blue skinny jeans and a blue spaghetti strap blue shirt with a white sweater. Then I went to the bathroom and curled my short brown hair."Bye dad". I said walking out the door. I started getting into my car then my phone rang. It was Tracey my friend from my street. T: what are you doing?
M: nothing just going to school, I hate it.
T: Sorry:(
Tracey was home schooled so she didn't know what was going on. She's so lucky.When I got to school, there was a sight that said One Direction visiting linden park high school. The first at I thought was Harry. He was coming back to our school!
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