One Night Stand

When clubbing leads to so much more...
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1. Club

Music pounds around me, and I can feel myself falling in love with the beat. People are dancing and nudging past me, Martinis being poured on ice. The smell of fresh alcohol caresses my nose, tempting me into a world of sorrow. But I suppose I deserve it. I mean, if I don't then who does?

The past year has been hard for me. Derek left me in January and since then all I have been doing is moping around the house and drowning in my despair. Jeeves told me I should watch movies with my best friends and eat doughnuts, but then again, who trusts the internet these days? I finally got out of the house with Marnie (my best friend) only to find out from a reliable source that Derek has moved on to another woman named Jessica, who is a blonde ex - model who is only 23. 23?! That's practically old enough to make him her father! It makes me cringe to think of them........ Ugh. I did it again! I promised myself I wouldn't drag up any more memories of him, but I just can't stop myself.

"Would you like a paper umbrella with that? Most people have one." the barman snaps me out of my daydream with a grin that would melt all the icebergs in the world. Global warming is probably his fault.

"Uh, yeah, sure...whatever." I mumble, embarrassed that he had seen me daydreaming. I probably even had my mouth hanging open like a right klutz. A warm tingling sensation courses through my body, and I relax back into my Martini. Wow that really is effective in soothing my pain!

"Excuse me, what's your name?" a fit 20-something guy asks me, reaching out to brush my hair off my shoulder. Oh god I'm not ready for this.

"Oh, sorry, um I have to go..." I say into my glass, tottering away in my too-high heels. Marnie told me I look knockout in my dress tonight but I don’t know if I believe her. Who has ever looked nice in bright purple silk? Nobody, that's who. I stumble into the ladies bathroom, causing a flurry of teenagers to sprint back onto the dance-floor, alarmed at my drunken walk. Lurid lights glare in my face, melting my mascara and sticking my eyelashes together. Pull it together Amy, I say, making a mantra in my head. I am beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down...ohhh No! Not Christina at this moment in time! Now is not the time for a sing-song...

I put on a façade of calm and collective-ness to walk out of the door; my head held high........ Ouch!

I look up from the floor to see the cute guy that had spoken to me before. He looked embarrassed, and offered me a hand up.

"I am SO sorry! I didn't see you there." he says, with a faint smile at his lips. He looks up to the left - a sign of a lie.

"Liar!” You followed me here, didn't you..." I shout, turning away from him. "I told you I had to go, so stop chasing me; it's not attractive" I say over my shoulder, as I walk slowly away. I am surprised to find that I kinda want him to follow me. What's gotten into me!!

"Wait!" he shouts, and I hear footsteps pounding behind me. Aha! I knew it. He likes me - OMG! I wonder what's to like? I mean, I'm like 30 and he's too young for me. 10 years is a big gap. Turning on my heels, I face him to see his reaction. Priceless! People always look funny when they run, don't ya think? Well, that's what people always tell me and I see now that it's true. If a gorgeous man like him looks weird, then I must look like a freak when I run!

"What is it?" I ask, with mock boredom in my voice. I bat my eyelashes and bite my lip, just like Marnie told me to. It's working - that girl is a genius! No wonder she got married straight after college - what man can resist a girl that knows how to flirt her way into his heart?

"I'm Oscar, and I just wanted to know if you would dance with me? This is my favourite song." he says, reaching out to take my hand. James Blunt's heart crusher of a song ‘You’re Beautiful’ blares out of the club speakers, and he flashes me that million dollar grin again. "It's dedicated to you"

Cute! As if by coincidence, the neon pink heart lights up, above the DJ deck, symbolizing couples dance time. Maybe we could make it work?...

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