1. Amy's Allies

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  • Published: 25 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2013
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1. Amy's Allies

AMY: Doctor my head is burning!...

When Amy fades away and a monster snatches her as a child, the Doctor recruits River Song to find her. But the Silence are one step ahead, as Amy and River begin to mutate, Amy lashes out, and the Doctor has to choose between his only relative and his best friend…


1. Amy's Allies






OPERATOR: Intruder alert! Intruder Alert!


Zoom, close up to a wall, with a white gun poking out. River Song steps out, and points the gun and shoots at an officer. Officer screams and falls on the floor.


RIVER SONG: Sorry sweetie, anyways, it’s not like you did your job properly!


Looks up at cameras.


RIVER SONG: If only I had my Hallucinogenic lipstick, then I’d be rolling through this!


Runs and jumps forward shooting the cameras as she goes, until an officer from behind shoots the gun out of her hand, she stops. The officer throws his own gun tripping her up.


RIVER SONG: Oh you bad boy!


OFFICER: Don’t move!


RIVER SONG: Believe me, I wasn’t intending too!


Another officer comes up from behind and shoots her in the right hand with a tranquilizer dart. Straight away she falls back onto the floor and gets dragged away.


Zoom out River in a chair with locks and straps she is alone. Looks directly at CCTV camera.


RIVER SONG: You won’t hold me for long! Wait till you see, what’s coming for you now! Sweetie!




Amelia, walks in from the garden at her house, and wipes her muddy wellies on the doormat, Aunt Sharon turns and rubs mud off Amelia’s cheek.


AUNT SHARON: Amelia! You’re dripping with mud! What were you doing out there?


Amelia pushes Sharon’s hand away.


AMELIA: I was making mud models!


AUNT SHARON: Sounds, dirty! What did you make?


Aunt Sharon goes back into the kitchen and Amelia goes to sit in the sitting room. Aunt Sharon screams and a glass shatters. She bends down to pick it up.


AUNT SHARON: Sorry my love, say again?


AMELIA: I made the Police Box; the raggedy Doctor will come back for me one day!


Aunt Sharon looks up and screams, turns around then calms down. She takes water in for Amelia. The water is a light yellow Colour .Amelia doesn’t notice and drinks the water.


AUNT SHARON: He isn’t real sweetie, you know that?


Aunt Sharon sits next to Amelia and rubs her on the head. Amelia drinks the water and coughs.


AMELIA: He is! One day I will travel the world with him!


Turn to camera behind the room and lights are flickering.




Amy leaning against the console, the Doctor running around pushing buttons and levers.


AMY: I knew you’d come back for me! I always knew!


THE DOCTOR: Oh yeah! Scottish girl in an English village, how could I resist? Fish fingers and custard, remember that?


AMY: I am not gonna forget that one! Scottish girl in an English village, I thought it was cos my life didn’t make sense eh? Or had we been through that already?


The Doctor stops to look at her, Amy begins to cough, and slumps on the chair, she cant stop, she grabs her head and squeezes her hair. The Doctor sits next to her.


THE DOCTOR: Whoa! Easy Amelia! What’s up?


AMY: Oh no!




AMY: You only call me Amelia when you are worried about me! I, I, my head Doctor its getting hotter, and hotter…


Amy cowers and screams.


AMY: Doctor my head is burning! It hurts! Oh my god!


Amy looks straight up at the camera, wide eyes and scared.


THE DOCTOR: Amelia? Amelia? Amelia!


AMY: New memories, yellow drink, go to bed, bad dream, wake up, Aunt-


Puts her hand over her mouth.


AMY: No.


THE DOCTOR: Amy look at me what?


Amy turns to look at the Doctor, a tear runs down her cheek.


AMY: The tall man, the flickering-


Amy screams.


AMY: Aunt, Aunt Sharon.




AMY: Aunt Sharon dead.




Amelia is in bed asleep. Begins to wriggle, then wakes up and screams. Aunt Sharon comes running in.


AMELIA: Aunt Sharon! I had a nightmare!


AUNT SHARON: Amelia are you ok?


AMELIA: I think, can, can I have some water please?


Aunt Sharon runs downstairs, screams and shouts.


AUNT SHARON: Amelia call the Police!



Amy screams and falls and the floor and clutches her head.




AMY: Doctor please! Don’t make me watch this please! Make it stop! You have to make it ok!


THE DOCTOR: I’m sorry, I can’t stop it! Look back Amy, what happens next?




Aunt Sharon screams, and Amelia runs down the stairs.


AUNT SHARON: Amelia get out! Please go! Get help!


AMELIA: Aunt Sharon?!


Amelia runs into the kitchen stops and sees Aunt Sharon dead on the floor. The lights continues to flicker. A tell man with a suit and long fingers turns to Amelia.




AMELIA: What are you?


CREATURE: We are the Silence, and silence will fall!




AMY: The Silence, Silence will fall when the question is asked! Doctor help me! Please! No! Please!


The Doctor holds her hands.


THE DOCTOR: If you are getting new memories then your time stream is changing, new memories affects people in different ways, my ears swell up!


AMY: Not helping! The Silence are going to kill me! They killed Aunt Sharon! No!




AMELIA: What do you want with me?


THE SILENT: We do not require you, we require the Doctor.


AMELIA: What? Why?


THE SILENT: None of that is of your concern, Amelia Pond, the girl who is tired of waiting for her knight to come and make her world alight.


The Silent lunges for Amelia, and she screams.




Amy begins to flicker and fade, she stops and looks at her hands.


AMY: Doctor, what is happening to me? I am scared I am really properly scared! You must be able to do something! Please! Anything! Make it stop!


THE DOCTOR: Your history is changing, so whatever path that took you on, you didn’t come with me. I’m sorry Amelia, but you are going to have to very very, very brave now.


AMY: I can’t hold on! If I don’t make it, tell him, tell Rory!


THE DOCTOR: Do not give up on me Amelia Pond, remember Silurian’s? Eh? You were taken by the ground? We got you back, didn’t we? Rory shot you? We brought you back, or rather you did!


Amy sobs.


AMY: The Silence have me, Doctor please!


Amy begins to fade more and the Doctor grips her tighter.


THE DOCTOR: Amelia, Amy no! Please don’t leave me! Amelia! Stay with me! Don’t let go! Remember everything! Remember Rory, and River and me! We all love you, don’t let that go!


AMY: I’m sorry Doctor. Thank you. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. I’m going now.


THE DOCTOR: However hard however far I will find you, I promise! I promise! Amelia!


Amy smiles through tears and the Doctor strokes her head.


THE DOCTOR: I’m- oh, oh Amelia.


AMY: I know. This isn’t your fault.


Amy fades and disappears. A mass of white slime appears in her place.


THE DOCTOR: Amelia? Amelia? No! Oh Amelia! Big mistake Silence. Who do I need right now? Someone, naughty, girly, someone who doesn’t mind breaking the rules, someone …sexy. Oh River, where are you? River!


The Doctor begins pushing buttons, and levers.


THE DOCTOR: The TARDIS beam will track you down, no matter how many defences locks there are, you are coming home sweetie! Oh, Amy, I am so sorry. I’m so sorry.




River looks up and blue light is surrounding her. She looks down and smiles.


RIVER SONG: Looks like my rides here! Well boys, nothing is gonna stop me, and certainly not you, or you, or you. See you boys!


River laughs. Blue beam takes her up and she disappears, guards run forward and shout.




RIVER SONG: Hello sweetie I’m, home an- what a mess!


THE DOCTOR: And what time do you call this?


The Doctor turns and kicks the chair, and screams.


RIVER SONG: Whoa, what’s the matter with you? Where’s Amy, I checked my diary she is still with you isn’t she?


River shoots the white goo and is it dissolves.


THE DOCTOR: I, I killed her; I fear she may be dead. Oh River help me! Please!


Camera zooms up to the Doctor then River who looks alarmed.






River Song begins to laugh. The Doctor stares at her puzzled.




RIVER SONG: You’re serious?


THE DOCTOR: How dare you? How dare you waltz in here, not believe that my best friend has died, she disappeared right in front of me. That load of white stuff appeared instead. Police files say she’s dead. I can’t bear that. All the people I have lost. Katarina, Adric, Jabe, Jenny. My daughter. Now Amy. I remember every single one. Where have you been?


RIVER SONG: Jenny’s not dead; I have run into her a couple of times, lovely girl! I was visiting a friend in prison, I accidentally set off a few alarms, and then I was shot in the right hand with a tranquilizer dart! It was fun!


THE DOCTOR: What Jenny? When?


RIVER SONG: Amelia Jessica Pond is not dead. She can’t be, it’s not possible!


THE DOCTOR: She was right there, and she faded, right in front of my eyes, hang on a sec. All the things we did, the Star Whale, Prisoner Zero, The Pandorica, she brought me back, it was her, someone has fixed those events and held them all in place. How?


RIVER SONG: Doctor, you ears are swelling.


THE DOCTOR: New memories, it was still Amy who did those things, but someone made her. When Prisoner Zero turned into Amelia, I wasn’t with Amelia in the hospital I was on my own, so.




THE DOCTOR: Someone kept an eye on Amy; someone told her to think about Prisoner Zero, must have shown her a picture and spoke to her. Someone told her to remember me on the twenty-sixth of June 2010, who?






RIVER SONG: Your future is my past, I knew what would happen and I had to carry it out. She never got married to Rory, because the Silence took her. They took her to get to you. I am the only one who could get past them.


THE DOCTOR: But is she dead? I remember, I emerged from the TARDIS, after the crack in time in an empty hall. Amelia has had her life stolen away from her.


RIVER SONG: What about that white goo stuff, what was that?


THE DOCTOR: Maybe a side affect of a teleport used all those years ago in Leadworth, because Amy went there the goo had to come here.


River goes to pat the Doctor and the Doctor looks up at her.


RIVER SONG: I’m sorry sweetie, but there is something we have to do. And if the answer is death, then it will hurt, but it must be done. We need to get to Earth.


Open a large Police Station, a tall and large building. The Doctor and River walk in. The Doctor stops in the foyer and River turns around and goes back to him.


RIVER SONG: Sweetie, I’m sorry, but we have to be sure, if it’s true, if its not. We have to know.


THE DOCTOR: You know the answer deep inside you know it.


RIVER SONG: Spoilers, but I will tell you this, your future, is my past. This right now is your future. Therefore it’s my past. It’s what you must do.


She turns and strides forward confidently a tear falls from her cheek. The Doctor slowly follows.


THE DOCTOR: Please. Please. Not today.


He follows River to an office where she had been directed previously. They sit in front of a tall muscular man named Chief Inspector Smith.


SMITH: I am Chief Inspector Smith, and I hear you are questioning the whereabouts of Miss Amel-


THE DOCTOR: We know why we are here, we are old family friends of the Ponds, get on with it, where is she? Is she dead?


RIVER SONG: Sweetie, calm down.


SMITH: Well, Sir, we do not know for sure, but we know that Amelia Pond vanished. With no trace. Her Aunt was dead, that’s all we knew, there was no electricity in the house either. Amelia is presumed dead.




THE DOCTOR: Presu-Presumed? So she’s not actually dead?


RIVER SONG: There not sure, she may be, but that’s right. Presumed.


The Doctor and River look at each other and smile.


SMITH: We don’t know where she could, or would be. And we are sorry for that. But we think she is most probably dead.


RIVER SONG: Thank you officer. Thank you very much.


River gets up and leaves, and the Doctor follows. And runs after her.


RIVER SONG: So, what now?


THE DOCTOR: Here is the plan honey, I am gonna travel the whole universe if I have too to find my best friend who goes by the name of Pond, Amelia Pond, like a fairytale. She will be found, and you River, you are coming with me every step of the way.


The Doctor puts his arm around River.


RIVER SONG: All of this and we are gonna be home for dinner? And some time to us?


THE DOCTOR: Oh, stop it!


River smiles.


RIVER SONG: Make me, watch out that bow tie!




RIVER SONG: Ready as I’ll ever be.


THE DOCTOR: Alright, operation save Amelia Jessica Pond is a go!


RIVER SONG: Your eyes are ablaze with excitement, I know you better than anyone else, are you excited?


THE DOCTOR: Oh yeah!


RIVER SONG: No fezzes, no jammy dodgers, no stet- ooops! Hasn’t happened yet!


THE DOCTOR: You are loving this!


RIVER SONG: Who wouldn’t?


THE DOCTOR: Don’t push it!


RIVER SONG: What you gonna do? Make me disappear?


THE DOCTOR: Ok, well, I wouldn’t mind. You got me! Let’s go!


RIVER SONG: What if we bump into a future you? Two Doctors, the mind races!


THE DOCTOR: It does doesn’t it?


RIVER SONG: For me, not that much for you!


River song laughs, and they stride out of the police station.





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