Baby Tommo

They met at a party, just years before. Louis knew she was someone special, someone he wanted to be with. Was it the matching blue eyes? Or the way her smile lit up a room? He wasn’t sure but Louis knew he had to have her and so he did. When the world found out that she was pregnant, she suddenly became the hottest gossip in hollywood, will the drama become too much for the young couple? Read and find out!

Warning! - Unexpected ending

This is the first part in a four part series, please head to my profile if you wish to read the others.
1- Baby Tommo

2- Mrs Tommo

3- The Tommo's

4 - She's a Tommo.

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1. Back When I could Still See My Feet


Baby Tommo

Chapter One

“Recent rumours that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is an expecting father, have been confirmed as true, details are minimum at the moment, but we will keep you updated.”

I switched off the television, and sunk into my chair, I can’t believe he confirmed it to the press, whatever happened to my privacy?

I dialled his number, and waited for him to answer his phone, thoughts racing through my head, emotions raging; I was still shaking from watching that news report.

“Ello?” he answered with that sweet English voice of his, even when I was angry he still had that weak-knee effect on me.

“Care to explain why I just heard that I’m pregnant on the news!” I said in an almost shout, anger raged within each and every word.

“I’m sorry Babe.” He apologised, sincerity was detected in his voice.

“You could have warned me Lou.” I told him, my normally chipper voice sounded extremely sad as I spoke.

“You’re right, but I didn’t think about it. You hardly watch the news, it completely slipped my mind.”

“I guess we’re just lucky we already told our families, imagine how they would have felt if they heard it on the news before we told them.”

“Mum would have been crushed.” He admitted, and I knew it was true. He’s really close with his mum, and I could imagine how upset she would have been if that happened. It’s heartbreaking to even think of it.

“I love you.” I told him, and I truly meant it, we’ve been through a lot in our relationship so far, and I know that’s only the beginning, our baby is going to cause a lot more stress but I believe we can get through anything

“I love you too Jay.” I could practically hear the smile, he always smiles when I tell him I love him, his smile makes me fall for him all over again, I truly am the luckiest girl in the world to have him in my life.


We’ve only known about our unborn child a few weeks, I found out and immediately told Lou, we try to keep nothing from each other, especially huge life changing news. Surprisingly he took the news rather well. I can still remember his reaction.


-A few weeks earlier-

“G’day sexy” I greeted my boyfriend when he opened the door to let me into his apartment, he smiled that very smile that I fell I love with, and I kissed his soft lips gently.

“I love surprise visits” he reminded me, bringing my body closer to his, so he could kiss me properly.

“Can you two stop snogging in the doorway, so I can go into my own house” Harry interrupted, from the outside hallway.

“Sorry.” I said, with my best attempt at sounding sincere, We let him past, I followed him inside as Lou closed the front door.

“What brings you here?” Lou asked as we both sat down on the lounge, Harry was in the kitchen making himself a sandwich, I didn’t really mind if Harry knew the news, after all he was practically a brother to me now.

“I have some news.” I told him excitedly.

“Oh do tell.” He looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes, I reached out to grab hold of his hand, I wanted to feel close to him, when he found out.

“Don’t freak out but, we are having a baby.” I said with my eyes closed, scared of the reaction he was going to have, my hand was suddenly empty, and my heart sank, I opened my eyes slowly, to find that he was no longer in the room.

“Harry, Harry, Harry! You’re going to be an Uncle!” Louis yelled as he ran into the kitchen, I followed the sound of his voice, the kitchen now was the location of two men jumping up and down hugging each other, I had to laugh at the craziness of this situation. Relief slowly came over me, as I realised he was happy, he spotted me from the corner of his eye, as Harry spun him around, I’ve never seen him this happy before. It was all new to me.



My phone started to ring, so I rushed to answer it, thinking it was someone from work, but as it turns out it was none other than Liam Payne.

“Hey Li, what’s up?” I answered casually; Liam and I had become pretty close ever since I started dating Lou.

“So I hear you have a bun in the oven.” He jokes, because i know for a fact that he already knew this, after all I was the one who told him in the first place.

“So you knew the press already knew?” I asked him suspiciously.

“No I  didn't, I was randomly channel surfing and then, bam I saw Louis’ face appear, followed shortly by yours. They mentioned your little secret so I rang you to see how you were feeling about it all.”

“Wait, my face?” i asked confused, because the news report I’d seen didn’t have anything to do with me on it.

“Yeah, did you see a different report?”

“I think I did actually” my heart sank, which is probably strange, I’ve been in this business for long enough I should definately know how fast news spreads around these people. So why was I surprised about this?

“Jay, are you alright?” Liam asked thoughtfully, he always was very thoughtful.

“Yeah I’m fine; I’m just embarrassed that I thought I could keep this a secret.” I laughed at my own stupidity  

“I think we’ve all had moments like that, don’t feel too bad.” His husky phone voice brought me a sudden sense of happiness, he really does know how to make me feel better, always has.

“You’re right; I’m being silly, thanks for listening to me being crazy.”

“What are you doing later? Would you like to grab some dinner with me?” He asked me, I checked my schedule, and as it turned out tonight was my night off.

“I can do that.”

“Excellent, I’ll come pick you up in say half an hour?”


Just like he promised, Liam rang the doorbell exactly 30 minutes after hanging up. Luckily for me, my hair was already pinned up, and I had changed into a new pair of red jeans, with the black sweater. My Mum had sent me for my birthday.

“Hey, you look nice” he complimented me, just like he always does; he’s a really great guy I know someday he’s going to make the perfect husband!

“Take a good look now cos soon I will look like a balloon.” I joked, his laugh comforted me. I really love babies, and I am so very happy to be having my very own, but one thing I was not looking forward to was the weight gaining. No way will I be able to keep my job when i look like a whale. They are going to have to delay the rest of the season as soon as I start showing, Chris is not going to be happy about that I tell you!

“Louis wouldn’t care if you were 500 pounds.” He assured me, holding the door open as we left my apartment. As soon as I could see the elevator, I turned to him and said “Thank Goodness for these elevators, I would absolutely die if I had to walk all the way up to the 17th floor.” 

“Have you and Lou talked about where you are going to live after this little one is born?” He laid his hand on my stomach when talking about the baby, which is kind of strange considering I did not look pregnant at all.

“I have no clue, but I don’t think Harry is ready to say goodbye to him just yet, I may have to just buy the place next door to theirs”

“Come off it.” he whacked my arm gently, and we both chuckled, the running joke about Harry and Lou’s bromance still made us laugh even today. When we reached the outside of the building, we kicked a loose stone around between us, all the way along the footpath.

“Where are we going?” I asked him; usually he just took me down to the local coffee shop for a quiche, but we had walked past our usual coffee shop a few minutes ago.

“I thought we’d get pizza for a change. “ He winked at me, before taking my hand to cross the busy road.

 “I’m pregnant not infant” I told him addressing the fact that he just walked me across the road like a toddler.

“I know, I know.”  He sounded apologetic; although I’m sure he was just embarrassed that I had minded.

We entered the pizza store and sat down in a booth by the window, we always sat near a window and made up stories about the people who pass by, it was tradition no matter where we ate. Louis though we were insane for doing so, but I can’t see how he can talk he’s a tad strange himself.

“What do you feel like? Something familiar and boring or something new and exciting?” he asked me, his eyes skimmed the menu from the centre of our table.

“I’ll have whatever you do, surprise me, Mr Payne.” So off he went to the counter to order our dinner, I decided I’d text Lou because I really did miss him.

To: Louis

Baby I miss you, just at dinner with Liam, what’s haz cooking for ya?


He didn’t take long to reply which meant he was bored at home instead of out at some club with Harry, this made me extremely happy, I didn’t like missing out on partying.

From: Louis

Babe, I miss you more xox and Haz is on a date so I am all alone wahhhh :’(

To: Louis

We’ll stop by after we eat xoxox

From: Louis

Thank you! Xxx


Liam sat back down beside me with a pizza dish to share, it appeared to have a whole lot of things I cannot name, but I was starving and didn’t care so I shoved the steaming hot piece into my mouth.

“itshh hawt” I managed to say with a mouthful, my tongue was burnt pretty quickly too, Liam was cracking up at my stupidity, typical Liam!



We were joking around flinging food at each other, when this young girl walked over to our table and sat down beside me.

“Can I help you sweetie?” I asked her nicely, even though I was slightly creeped out by her sudden presence.

“Are you Liam Payne and Jay?” yes i do not use my last name, worldwide I am known as ‘Jay’

“Yeah we are.” Liam answered for me, cleaning him off from our little immature food fight.

“Can you sign this napkin for me?”  She grabbed a napkin from the napkin holder in front of her, and passed it over to us, she must have only been around ten years old, I always get excited when somebody asks me for my autograph, I will never get used to that.

I scribbled my messy signature and wrote her a little message: Live your dream, because only you can do it right xx

I noticed what Liam wrote as well

‘Hey beautiful, its fans like you who make my job worthwhile xx’

I swear I saw a blush on the little girls face when she tried to leave and go back to her parents; Liam gave her a massive hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“You really are a great celebrity.” I told him, when he sat back down beside me.

“She had the courage to come over here; I wanted to make her feel as though it was worth it.”

“Wouldn’t she feel that from the autographs?”

“But anybody can get my autograph on google images, not everyone can say that they were hugged by a celebrity.”  He pointed out

“You win.” I laughed, because he did have a fair point, Liam always wins our discussions, probably because he has logic for everything.

“Eat your dessert.” He told me, pretending to act like my father, we often role played like this when we were out and about, we could be anybody we liked, whether it was our parents, people we worked with, or even our friends. Liam does the best impersonation of Harry, it’s so damn cute, yet he refuses to show it to Harry.

“We’re stopping by at the boy’s house on the way home” I informed him, just before an ice cream cone hit my nose.



I knocked on the front door of Lou’s apartment, he answered almost straight away, by opening the door and kissing me passionately, he must have missed me alot I guessed, when we broke apart  I looked toward Liam who winked at me, shook his head and walked past us, the way the guys always did whenever we kissed at the front door.

“Thought you hated PDA” Liam asked Lou with a massive smirk on his face.

“That was before I met this yummy mummy.” He looked shocked at what he just said, we all started an awkward laugh, I buried my head into his body, his strong arms wrapped around mine. The good thing about Liam is he doesn’t mind us being all couple-y around him, he understands that what me and Lou have is serious.

“Did you bring me any food?” Lou asked as we sat down in the media room, Liam just shakes his head, and concentrates on his phone, I looked up into my lovers eyes, he looks at me, I can see his happiness in his beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you” he whispered

Liam throws a pillow at us, interrupting our moment.

“What was that for?”Lou responded to the pillow,  Liam shrugs and looked at me, I just hold my hands up in front of my face as if to say ‘leave me out of it’ The two of them begin in pillow fight, which was quite entertaining for me, especially when Harry came home, he joined in on the fight. I could just imagine having family gatherings with the boys, of course they aren’t biologically related to my baby, but I know they are going to be the uncles, this kid never had, Lou’s like a brother to them, which makes them brothers to me too.

Harry came over to me, sat down put his arm around my shoulders, which I was used to by now.

“How was your date with Liam?” he nodded towards Liam, with a cheeky grin on his gob.

“It wasn’t a date! But it was good until he shoved ice cream up my nose.” Harry laughed, and as he did I could feel him shaking. Lou and Liam were then fighting over which telly program they wanted to watch.

“That’s our Liam, always a charmer.” He placed his hand on my belly, even though it’s not even big yet, he started to baby talk my stomach.

“Hello little guy, are you gunna be singer like your uncle harry? Yes you are, yes you are.” I don’t quite remember the rest of his baby ramblings, but I did notice Lou watching us from across the room, the sparkle still in his eye, just like every other time anyone mentioned the baby.

Liam quickly changed the channel when Lou wasn’t watching, if my kid turned out to be anything like these boys, life is surely going to be a handful!

It was getting late, Liam had fallen asleep on a nearby armchair, I could hear the humming of Harry’s snore from beneath my feet, the television was still on although the volume was at a controlled level, not loud enough to wake anyone. Lou was nowhere to be seen, he must have gone to bed when I was sleeping, or so I thought. I rubbed my eyes, trying to refocus my vision in the darkness of the room; the only light was coming from the television.

I sat up slowly, as I was extremely tired still, trying my hardest to not knock any pillows on top of poor Harry as he slumbered. Footsteps I could hear getting louder as they become closer, I was almost scared for a moment before the friendly face of my lover came through the hallway, his shirt was unbuttoned, and his hair was a mess. When he was in front of me, I carefully removed myself from where I was sitting, followed him back to his bedroom and we climbed into his big warm bed.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered playing with the palm of my hand with his fingers, we were laying together in the middle of the bed, our bodies touching, I could feel the warmth of his body against the coldness of mine. When he whispered, shivers shot down my spine, his breath tickled my neck, and his words warmed my heart.

He kissed my cheek, his lips soft like always, his freshly shaven chin, prickled against my smooth face. I wanted to remember this moment, and any others like it.

“It’s going to be ok” I told him, looking up at his face, I could merely see the outline of him, as the darkness took away my vision. His arms around me, he brought me closer towards him.

“What is?” he sounded tired, or perhaps confused.

“When the baby comes, it will all be okay.” I explained a little bit, entangling his fingers through mine, I brought his hand to my lips and kissed him gently.

“Of course it will” he assured me,

“I love you, I think I always will.” I promised him, stroking the back of his hand with my fingers; he then kissed me on the top of my head, kissed me all the way down to my lips, I traced his, with the tip of my tongue, his mouth opened, and I let my tongue dance along with his, I’ve never felt so in love, I wanted to have him forever. Moments like these are never portrayed in my movies, I’ve never watched a simple scene like this and felt love. When our lips departed, he rested his forehead against mine, something we often did after a kiss we both enjoyed, which was plenty of times I tell you.

“What are we going to do?” I asked him, hoping he had an answer, something inside of me longed to know where I stood in his future.

“Move in with us” he moved away from me for a moment, he was thinking, I can tell this by the way he stopped everything, he no longer was rubbing my back, he was simply laying still.

“Here?”I asked him.

“Yeah, move in this weekend, we’ll all help you with your things, I want you to move in with me Jay.” We hadn’t discussed the next step in a while; we’d always planned to move in together eventually, I had never pressed the subject before, never wanting to intrude on Harry. It made sense to move in together now that there was a baby on the way.

“Ok, I’ll move in with you.” A great big smile erupted on my face, he was excited and started kissing me all over, my face, my hands, my shoulder, my breasts, he hugged me really tightly and started rambling a list of things to organise. I really liked this side of him; it made me so happy knowing that I could bring him happiness like this so easily.


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