Love hurts...

Candy and Cookie go to One Direction's concert will Cookie and Niall fall for each other and will Candy and Harry fall for each other or will Zayn and Louis come between the two couples? Read trust me it get way better


12. Truth of it all

Candy Pov


"Candy Candy." A faint voice said softly. All I saw was black I guess I was sleep this happens a lot. My eyes fluttered open to see Louis and Harry was in the door way. I instantly ran for Niall and Cookie's room.


"Cookie!" I screamed as she was just pulling on some white skinny jeans. I closed and locked the door. "Cookie! We have to go NOW!" I screamed. "Candy calm down. Now tell me what happened." Cookie said calmly. "Ok so I was just waking up and Harry walked to apoligize for last night and when I went to hug him...he bit me." I said in a hushed tone. "WTF what do you mean bit you?" She said finally starting to catch something is wrong. "Like bit me and almost sucked me dry. And I pretty sure the rest of them of vampires too." I said getting sweaty. "Ok we have to get out of here but we have to play it cool." I said putting a plan together mentally. "Ok follow my lead." I said and I walked out. I started to fake cry. I walked back to my room were I found all five members of 1D. "Um my sister is in the hospital I have to go home." I said trying to sound sad. "Candy we aren't stupid. Let me explain." Harry said looking into my eyes. Damn his beautiful green eyes. I nodded unwilling. "Well us guys have been alive for centurys so we have many identities. And I'm sorry to say but you and Cookie can't leave....EVER." He said. I looked at them with tears and hate in my eyes. Great now Sour Candy is coming. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE CAN'T GO. WE CAN LEAVE WHEN EVER WE WANT!" I screamed heading for my suitcase. Before I could make it to it I was being pinned down by three dudes:Harry, Louis, and Zayn. Liam and Niall had Cookie pinned down too. I struggled for a while until Harry snapped.


"If you don't shut up you stupid mortal I will kill you and your family." He hissed. Tears fell from my eye but I wasn't giving up so easy I hit Harry in the face but I only cut my self. Blood drip off my finger onto my face and down my cheek. Niall and Liam let go of Cookie and came over to me. "Omg her blood smells soo good." Niall said taking in deep breaths. Soon everyone except Cookie of course was smell me licking me on my face, neck, legs, and arms. "Get off of her you MONSTERS!" Cookie screamed. They all slowly stood up. They all had shame in the eyes. "Look you guys we are really sorry to do this to you but this is how it has to be. We aren't monster we are still the sweet guys you knew before. Anyway you have a choice of becoming like us or staying mortal. And nothing different except you crave blood and will do anything to get it and you have powers." Liam explained. "Will you please forgive us and give us a chance?" Harry said looking up. "I guess." I mumbled. I grabbed Cookie's arm and pulled her to Harry's and My room. Where we sat a sobbed into each other. After a while I looked up my eyes red and puffy and my cheeks year stained. Well I just figured out I will never see my adopted sister and without me she will go back to foster care. And now I never get to tell my best friend Korey how I really loved and wished we went out. This is just great. (Sarcasm) 😓😢😪
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