Alyssa is just your average teenage girl who lives with her mom. Her parents were recently divorced since her father was an abusive, alcoholic. She was just coming home from summer camp when her mom left her in the car alone and something unexpected happens. Read to find out what will happen to Alyssa in this crazy cabin in the middle of the woods.


1. Day 1- Kidnapped

"Bye Sarah!" I wave to the new friend I had made during summer camp. She gave me one last hug before I got into my moms car. 
"Look at you, making new friends!" my mom says, nudging my shoulder. I playfully roll my eyes and giggle. 
"So, how was it?" she asks.  
We still have another 3 hours of our trip left, so I decided to take a nap. 
I wake up as soon as my mom pulls into the gas station. 
"Hey sleepy head" she says smiling. 
"Hey," I reply
"I'm going in, would you like something?" she asks. 
"Arizona Tea, please! Love you!"
"Love you too!" I watch her walk into the gas station. I look around for my head phones when I notice they are in my bag which is in the way back seat. I climb over my seat into the back and search my bag for my head phones. I hear someone climb into the front seat. Thinking it was my mom, I kept searching my bag. Then, I hear another car door open and someone yell "Drive!" Nervously, I look up and find 2 boys sitting in the car in front of me. 
"Umm... I think you're in the wrong car..." I say, visibly shaking. 
"We know..." one of the boys says. He has blond hair that is swooshed to the side and light blue eyes. Then it hit me, they were going to steal our car. 
"Well, if you want to steal the car, I can just get out-" I start, getting up to open the car door, but the other boy pushes me back down. My first instinct was to scream. 
"MOOOOO-" the same boy forcefully covers my mouth with his hand. I bring my hand up to hit him, but he grabs my wrists and stops me. I let out a muffled scream. 
"DRIVE!" he shouts. The boy behind the wheel pushes on the gas and we speed through the gas station. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my mom yelling and chasing after the car. A tear slips my eye. And another. And another. Now, I'm balling. I don't know what to do. 2 boys just kidnapped me. 
"Pull in here. We need to get some stuff..." the one covering my mouth says. We pull into a small store. Both boys get out of the car. This is my chance! I quietly open the door on the opposite side of which the boys are standing. 
"One of us needs to stay back! Your the strongest" one of them says. They sit there arguing over who is going to stay back with me in the car. Little did they know, I was now escaping. I start tiptoeing away from the car until I was almost of of hearing reach. Then, I break out into a full speed run. 
"Hey!" One of them shouts behind me and starts chasing me. I just keep running faster. The footsteps are getting closer and closer. I'm extremely tired, but I try my best to get away. 
The footsteps are really close now and the only thing I can think to do is call for help. 
"HEEEELPP-" I start to scream but he tackles me. We hit the ground with a thud. He tries to cover my mouth but I kick him right in the crotch. He yelps out in pain and quickly pulls his arms away from me. I jump up and start running again. I hear footsteps behind me but I can tell they're trailing far behind. I have no clue where to go. I'm just running for my life. 
Then, I here the loud BOOM of a gun. I drop to the ground and start panicking. Did they just try to shoot at me? I look back and see the two boys coming closer to me. I'm too weak to stand. That's it, I'm dead. 
"Told you it would work" one of them says. One of the boys forcefully pulls me up and grips my arms behind my back. They drag me towards the car.
They throw me into the back of the car and quickly tie up my hands and feet. 
"Hey!" I say. One boy clamps his hand over my mouth. 
"Dont talk." he says with a glare. He hands me a water bottle and we start to drive again. 
I try to fight back tears, but one will occasionally slip. 
"So, how much should we charge? $1,000? 1,000,000?" This makes me cry even more. My family has always been poor. Especially after my parents recent divorce. My dad is an abusive, alcoholic who never had a job. My mom has a low paying job since she was forced to drop out of college because they didn't have enough money. We live in a tiny apartment and only have just enough food. There's no way she will be able to pay.

After a while, we drive into a small path in the woods. We drive for about 15 minutes until we pull into a small cabin. A cabin in the woods... Great. I'm dead for sure! 
"Get out." the blond haired boy says, opening my car door. I look down at my tied feet and look back at the boy. He rolls his eyes, picks me up, and takes me into the cabin. The other boy follows close behind. He closes the front door, which has at least 5 locks on it, and locks every single one. I look around the small space. There is an old couch, coffee table, small fridge, some cabinets, a stove, a desk, a kitchen island, a hallway leading to a few rooms in the back and a video camera. 
SLICE! I jump a little as the knife cuts through the rope tying my legs together. 
"Your room is over here," the blond one says, taking my wrists tightly into his hand and dragging me down the dark hall. My room is at the very end. It has a small bed, a bedside table, a lamp, and a dresser. 
"We will go over everything tomorrow. Now, get some rest. It gonna be a long few weeks." with that, he leaves me all alone in my new room, closing the door behind him. I sit on the bed and stare at the ground. Why me? Why does this happen to me? I start balling again. I cry for hours. I cry until I have no more tears left. 
I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking of a way out. Maybe I'm just dreaming... I pinch myself as hard as I can. 
"Nope" I sigh. I have to get out of this place...

Hey guys! Hope you like chapter one of my first story, Kidnapped! Comment what you think. If you like it, become a fan of mine! Hate it? Still, become a fan;) Sorry if there's any mistakes! Most of this was written really late at night... Well bye!
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