Kiss You

I was only looking for love. Some one to love me for me, some one to care for me, cuddle with me, make love to me, treat me right. But every time i let some one in my heart, they always got to break it, so i gave up, no more chances. It's never gonna happen. I grabbed my purse, took one last look in my rear view mirror making sure my make up was on point, and stepped foot out my car. I walked into "Rudolph's" ready to drink away all the pain. Maybe i wasn't meant to be with someone. Maybe ill just try those one night stand things for pleasure.....But no kisses, that's when i get attracted to them.


1. One night....mistake?

Nina's p.o.v

  I looked in my rear view mirror one last time, making sure my make up was on point before i walked into Rudolph's to drink away all my pain. "here i go" i said to myself getting out the car. I was only 17 and having my heart broken this many times isn't a good thing for me. Feeling depressed every damn day isn't good for me. I made my way in, telling myself I WILL NOT LET NO ONE KISS ME. Kissing is a way for someone to like, hipnotize me kinda. I get trap into liking them but then they break me. Like a bone. 

 I made my way to the bar ordering 3 of the most strongest drinks. I chug them down, whipping my mouth when i finished. Feeling already dizzy i made my way to the dance floor. Not caring anymore what anybody thought of me. I guess when so many don't want you this is how it can turn out to be. My own damn parents didn't want me. I felt a pair of strong hands, fall on my waist as i danced away. I turned around facing this man. 

 We moved our bodies in sync to the beat of the song. His hands on my waist and mine around his neck. Dancing to about 3 songs non-stop i went back to the bar chugging down a few more drinks. "one beer" i heard someone say. I turned my head, seeing it was the boy i danced with. He was very cute, but no i cant like him. I sat on the stool, twisting around back and forth, getting even more dizzy.  I heard some one chuckle thro the loud music. I didn't care to stop tho. "Having fun there?" I heard someone yell over the music. I stopped turning and look seeing it was the boy i danced with again. "oh ugh yea" i replied back to him. "Niall" he said holding his hand out. I jumped out the stool, almost tripping but caught myself. He chuckled looking me up and down. "are you okay?" he asked. "yea" i said. I held my hand out saying my name to him also. "nice to meet you Nina" he said taking another sip out his drink. "you to" i said smiling. He finished his drink, then standing up. Only a few inches taller then me, with the heels on. Yea im pretty short to be 17. Anyways. He bend down to my ear, placing a hand on my small waist.  "why dont we get outta here?" he asked. I smiled nodding. What was i doing? He grabbed my hand as we walked out. 


 When we arrived at his house i assume, he unlocked the door. We stumbled inside. I giggled almost tripping. He laughed catching me on his strong arms. He carried me to the couch bridal style setting me down on my back. He got on top of me placing a hand on my hip, kissing my neck. I placed my hands in his blonde hair, moaning as he kissed me in my weak spots but my number one weak spot is my lips. I gripped on his shirt pulling him more up on me. He had a leg over me kissing me all over my neck. I whispered in his ear. "everywhere but my lips". I don't need to take the chances in falling in love with this one. 

 He ran his hand up my tight dress rubbing my thighs. Moans escaping my mouth. i kicked my heels off making aloud noise as it hit the floor. I tugged on his shirt pulling it over his head, seeing his perfect toned abs. 

  Next thing i know we were both laying naked on the couch making love to one another. He was very sweet bout listening to me when i said everywhere but my lips. He took his friend sticking inside me. I gulped as he stuck it in me, waiting till i adjust he then thrust inside me pleasing me. He pulled out of me, flipping me over so i was now on top of him. I rested my head on his chest. He grabbed a thro blanket that was across the couch and wrapped it around us. I drifted off to sleep, thinking, i've seen him somewhere before,  as he ran his hand smoothly up and down on my back. 


  I woke up getting off him and sitting on the other couch. I watched him sleep so peacefully looking innocent. I starred at him thinking 'who was he?'. He looked so famili--. NIALL HORAN. My eyes widned as i remembered. This is Niall Horan from my school. The most popular guy in my school. The one who used to bully me all last year. How could i be so stupid? But yet enjoyed what we did tonight?? Tears started swelling up in my eyes as i continued to stare at him. I grabbed my bra, panties and dress. Putting it all back on. I looked around with the light from my phone looking for some paper. But i saw nothing. I looked in his pockets from the pants he wore and found his phone. I typed my number in sending myself a message so i could have his number. Once i recieved it i text him "hi um sorry i left but i couldn't stay much longer, school 2mw....ugh yea c ya around" I grabbed my heels, set his phone back down but by him and quitly walked out his house. 

 I walked to my house in the cold weather of December. I saw it was 2 in the morning. I grabbed my arms, hugging myself for warmth. Once i arrived at my house, and i mean my grandmothers house, i walked in not even caring if i woke her. I walked up to my room closing the door and plopping in my bed drifting back off to sleep. 


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