Imagines and Preferences

This is a collection of imagines and preferences about One Direction! If you have any ideas for an imagine or preference, comment and tell me! I won't be doing personals in this. I'll be inserting (Y/N). Enjoy!!!!!


3. Imagine #1

Imagine #1

His Stomach Is Full


"Ugh" Louis groans, leaning back on the couch in your parent's spare bedroom. ''How does your family eat so much?'' You giggle as he continues to groan and rub his stomach. ''No seriously. It's like impossible.'' he grumbles. You make your way towards him, sitting beside him. You poke his stomach, ''It wasn't THAT much.'' You say, defending your family. ''Whatever.'' he mumbles, closing his eyes.



''(Y/N), my stomach hurts!'' Liam calls from the bed. You walk in and see him laying shirtless on the bed, eyes closed. ''Maybe if you hadn't eaten so much, it wouldn't.'' You laugh, making you way towards him. ''Come on. I didn't want your mom to think I didn't like her cooking.'' he says, pulling you close. You lay next to him, one of his arms around you, the other draped across his torso. ''Can you stay right here. It might help.'' he says. You roll your eyes, but stay cuddled next to him.



''Niall, what are you doing?'' You ask, raising one eyebrow. He was laying in the middle of the guest bedroom, on his stomach. ''I'm so full.'' he grumbled into the carpet. You snort, ''Did Niall Horan, just say he's full?'' ''Yes.'' You laugh and lay next to him. ''That's what happens when you eat with my parents.'' ''Why doesn't it affect you?'' he asks. ''I'm used to this. You should be too.'' ''Well, I'm not.'' he says rolling over, and pulling you closer, planting a kiss on your nose.



You finish putting on your pajamas, and walk into the bedroom. There, you see Zayn where you left him. He was leaning back on the couch, button on his jeans undone. He moaned and put his hand on his stomach. ''Well, someone ate too much.'' You say, laughing at him. He opens his eyes and mumbles, ''You ate just as much. And you probably won't gain a thing.'' ''As if.'' You say, sitting next to him. ''You'll be fine.'' You place a kiss on his cheek.



''What wrong Mr.Styles?'' You ask jokingly, as you play with Harry's hair. His head lay in your lap, and he's sprawled across the couch. His stomach, is as full as it's ever been, after spending dinner with your family. ''Pants too tight?'' You ask. ''Shut up.'' he grumbles, making you laugh. ''Well, are they?'' ''Yes.'' he mutters, unbuttoning his skinny jeans. ''That's what you get, for wearing tight pants to a family dinner.'' ''Haha.'' he says sarcastically. He painfully pulls himself up, so he can kiss you. ''If it means being with you, I'll eat anything.''

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