What it Feels Like

I decided to write this Movella about some of my past experiences of being bullied. Please Like, Favourite and give me your feedback on whether i should carry on writing or not. I've changed all the names in the movella, so unless you know me really well, you won't know who I'm talking about. Just to let you know, all personal info such as where people live and birthdays and ectcetera are changed to completely random things. Please, no hating! Thanks for reading guys xx Oh, and this Movella starts a couple of years ago.


1. The Start of It

Emma's POV

She walks to the front of the room, her head hanging low, arms seemingly glued to her sides.

"Attention please everyone" Miss Kuch tries to get our attention, but ends up unsuccesful.

"This is Amy. I would like you all to be very welcoming and kind, as Amy, um, had some, er, difficulties at her previous school. Now, Amy," She turns to the new girl. She doesn't look to bad, i think. she is short and has the body of a gymnast. She has no uniform on and is wearing a suade coloured skirt with a lilac turtleneck shirt from M&S. Her hair is a mousy brown colour, tied back with a pink tie. Her eyes are deep grey, mouth set in a determined staight line. Her hands are dry and cracked, i presume because of the cold.

"Emma, Emma, can you hear me?" Miss Kuch wants to know

"Um, yes, what can i do for you?" I really must try not to daydream so much!

"Can you show Amy around for the rest of the day please, as she will be sitting next to you and Matt."

Matt's my BMF, my best male friend. We grimace at eachother, we usually can't be seperated. I suppose that i'll be sitting next to Charlotte and Amy from now on then. Don't get me wrong, i mean, as much as i love Charlotte, she can be a bit, well, dictating sometimes. My other Best Friend is called Emily, and we are practically inseperable. Unfortunately, she isn't in this class. I am disturbed from yet another daydream by a nervous cough.

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