Game of Throne related. Something that I wrote a really long time ago about Khaleesi.


1. Khaleesi


As I lay dying there,

between the rows of roses

with my eyes wide open

for the mistakes I've made


trusting was always an issue

for the girl's young heart

which chooses wrong

all the way

through the infinity time


so I send a raven to him saying

he let me down

and there's no going back

'cause I'm way ahead

to the red gods' paradise


there's no way to stop

my internal bleeding

my heart has fallen apart

and so my soul will


he's dumb as a donkey

and I'm turning numb

little does he know of

what I went through tonight


all that I've suffered is making me mad

so should I end my life quickly

or should I fight back?


and so she died

with the white rose in her hand

and the red rose in the other

torn between love and revenge

her hands were covered in blood

from her demands

but her skin was pure

her bright long hair was lying

on her shoulders

and her dragons were there

by her side

fully grown

ready to burn cities to the ground

and to take what was hers

with fire and blood


such a pity was that

she will not taking the crown

the mother of dragons as they call her

will return from the dead

to cut king's Joffrey's head

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