Everybody dies


1. Everybody dies

House thinks everybody lies

River thinks everybody dies

which one is then?

shall it be both?

but not always

there is a day

once in a while

when we stay more than alive

when we stay truthful to ourselves

and to each other in different case

there is a day

but it is rare

when we don't care what happens next

so we stop trying

so hard to be

the ones that others want us to be

there is a day when we may relax

'cause everything won't fall apart

but let's not forget

we don't know when

that day will come

and either then

we won't lose hope

cause even then

we want to stay alive as well

but what is living in lie to us

should we have buried all our lies?

or should we come forward with our past

that's your choice

so I won't ask

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