friends or more?

This story is about Liam and Niall. But they're secrely in love with their best friend Taylor Logan Hanson. but not even each other know. What will happen?


1. having the best time with her. (from both sides)


Im on my way to taylors house. she is only three years younger than me, but i love her. you proabably think in the best friend way, right? but thats not in i mean im in love with her. no one else knows, just me. and i have to hide this especally from her and liam. me and him are best friends with her. and he would kill me if he found out. but it is just his "protective mode". but i do not think he is in love with her. i fianally reach her house. your proabably thinking how did we meet her? well we were at a cocert preforming and we laid eyes on her and we had to be friends with her we were also glad when we seen she had back stage passes, because we would be signing and taking pictures. that means we can talk to her and be friends. louis was in love with one of her best friends, caley. and harry fell in love with her other best friend emma. well as for me i fell in love with her but im scared to tell her. i have no idea about liam. i know zayn is dateing someone. when i got to her house i rang the doorbell then imediately the door opened and she hugged me.

"NIALL!" she sorta yelled.

"TAYLOR!" i said it exactly as she said it.

"what are you doing here?" 

"well i wanted to take you to see a movie and maybe go to a festival/carnival thing" 


she went inside and i guess got her stuff and came out. she is so childish for a 16 year old. yeah she is sixteen. 19-16=3. like i said 3 years younger than me. we went and watched the new horror movie. Taylor gets scared easily so every time when she was scared she grab my arm and squeese it. even some times she would face her head on my chest away from the screen. i would whisper

"its ok" 

she would look up at me and calm down. she nods here head. now after seeing it she be more hesitant. we went to the carnival thing and there were accually pretty good rides. Taylor would always love to ride the spinning rides. those are her favorite. she isnt a big roller coaster fan. she says she cant take the speed it gives her this weird feeling that she cant take.  when we glt done we went back to where the boys and me are staying. Taylor is that kind of girl that if you come up behind her and scare her you will be on the floor in two seconds. NO LIE! we even timed her. i know thats weird. 

we got there and all the boys came runing out. we havent seen her in a while. she is like our little sister to us. she huuged them all. liam was so excited he even twirled her. i watched it. i repictured it in slow motion with her smiling and her hair in the wind. her hair is a orange red mix. its long, maybe down to middle back. its sorta curly. she is 5"6" she is a little tall.she has freckles. which i love about her.



I was so happy to see taylor. i spun her around in like those romantic movies. she laughed and hugged me.

" was wondering..if." i studderd

"yes/" she said

"would you like to go to see a movie with me tonight?" 

"sure" she said smiling. oh i love her smilie and her blue eyes. and her freckles top it all of. but she has bangs so you cant see her eyes much but i know their there. 

we went inside to where we were staying. she also likes to sing but she has stage fright so she wont sing in front of us but when she thinks were gone she starts to sing. she has the most amazing voice! sometimes we all say we have to do something but we really dont we go around a corner hide there and listen to her sing. she was coming twords us to the kitchen. harry was going to scare her. but he doesnt know that he is going to get his butt kicked.

when her back was too us harry jumped out touched her and said "aahh"

she startled flipped him punched him and turned him over with his arm in an unbendable position. when she realised who that was she was about to cry. P.S. she is sensitive too.

and guess what she did all of that in 2 seconds! harry always forgets she does tha so every time he goes to scare her we get are phones out and record and time what happens we all die laughing in the end.

" so so sorry harry i really am!" she said with tears down her cheecks. i walked up to her and was comferting her. she looked up at me and started to cry

"shhh its ok you didnt mean it he understands"

"yeah its ok" harry said getting up in pain he came and hugged her. she smiled. the smile evry time melts my heart.

"go lay down" she said

harry shook his head went to the couch and fell asleep.

after dinner we went to the movies. on the way there she asks

"what movie are we seeing?"

" in the middle of the woods"



"oh ok"

"you sure"


we got there and i noticed she was nervous about the movie. i put my arm around her and said

"it will be ok" and smiled

she smiled back. when we got in to the theater it started. when she would get scared she would quickly burry her head into my chest and squeeze my arm. i would rub her back and say "its ok its just amovie" she look at me and nod her head and slowly look back at the movie. she still have ahold of my arm. evry now and then she look at me but she had fear in her eyes. the way you can tell is that they get dark blue but when she is happy and enerjetic they are a light blue, when she is sad they get really dark and i mean dark blue. 

the movie is now over and she is way hesitent and looking out. but she is close to me and i love it. since it was late we decided to get something to eat. she is always joking around and she is very accident prone. man she always slip and fall and trip but we always get a laugh about it. for an accident prone person she has some good aim and hand-i-cornation. we always laugh. im just having the best time with her. on the car ride to the place where me and the boys are staying she fell asleep. she also goes to sleep early or really late. and its nice because she talks in her sleep and me and the boys like to laugh about what she says. i picked her up like in romantic movies and carried her in and sat her on the couch. all of the guys went "aawwwww" and louis came over and started to pet her head. in the love way. but she is like a sister to us. i just love her.


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