"It's 11:11 make a wish." (Austin Mahone fan-fic)

Kyra always thought wishing on shooting star, dandelions, pennies, eyelashes, wishbones, birthday candles, and 11:11 was stupid. Until one day she took a chance and made a wish. Little did she know that little wish would change her life forever.


1. Chapter One

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star.? Well, to be honest I never have. Ever since I was a little girl, I thought it was stupid. Hello, my name is Kyra, Kyra Hale.I am 15 years old and I believe to get what you want in this world you have to work for it or earn it. You might be wondering why I feel this way. Well, time for my life story in the shortest way possible. For starters, when I was younger my mom ran out on me and my father. She just left one day when I was at school and my father was at work. Once she was gone my father decided that he didn't want to deal with me. So, when I was seven he sent me to a girls home. And that's where I still am today. I hate it here. Now don't get me wrong, the staff and what-not are nice, good people. But the other girls here aren't. I just don't fit in here. I never have. From the first day I was here they laughed at me. Why.? Because of how I dress, what I look like, the reason I am here and most importantly, the music I listen to. So you have an idea of what i'm talking about, I am about 5'6, have long, curly, strawberry blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I'm supposed to wear glasses but I wear contacts instead. I dress different then about 97% of the girls here. I love bright colors, I always wear more than one color a day, and I never match unless I have to. And when it comes to music, I listen to a variety. But, since my favorite singer is Austin Mahone, they laugh at me all the time. I don't get how or why because non of them have even listened to him. And that I know for a fact. They always say things like; "His so stupid." "He is a Justin Bieber wanna be." "He's so unoriginal." And every time they open their mouths I want to punch them. Austin is my idol and every time they make fun of him I go off, only getting myself in trouble.  But I'm not the only one. My best and only friend, Lucy Benson, loves him to and we yell at them together. Her and I have been friends since I got here. She is here the same reason I am, expect it's opposite, her dad ran out on her. She was the one who showed me Austin. For her 15th birthday her aunt sent her a laptop. Her and I share it because we are each others only friends. I swear, this girl could be my twin expect for the fact she is a year older then me. We have the same hair color, but her's is straight. Same eye color and we like all the same things. Expect one thing we disagree on, she loves Alex and I love Austin. I mean don't get me wrong, Alex is cute. But, from the first video of Austin's I watched, I feel in love with him. His voice, his eyes, his smile, everything about him. We always talk about how amazing it would be if she dated Alex and I dated Austin. Which is another thing we get made fun of for. But, for some reason I feel like if I can get him to notice me, things would be different. Or maybe I'm just letting my dreams take over my reality. 


A/N: I hope you liked it.! Comment what you think.! (: ~Jessalyn

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