Inside Out

Hi I'm Paisley. I'm 12 and lets just say I have a messed up life. My father does what he wants when he wants. He kicked me, my sister and my mom out eight years ago. He remarried as soon as he could, pushing us out of his life. He bought a new house. I hate it. But ohno my problems can't stop there. My mom can't get a job so I have to help save up as much as I can, sence I'm the oldest. I go to my streets corner and preform everyday after school. One more thing I deal with is school an its drama. This is my first year in Middle school and I survived half the year I just hope I can make it the rest of the way. My life was ok until one day I got terribly sick...


1. Late Morning

"UGGHH!!! Shut up! ". I groan and yell at my alarm clock as I try to open my eyes, but they are glued shut with eye goop. I go to the bathroom and get a warm, soaked, white washcloth. I wiped down my face then looked in the mirror. I had mascara below my eyes. I had to scrub my face with soap to work it off. Then, I relised I crapped up another washcloth with my pitch black overnight makeup… oh well. I got my hair under control. That took me 15 minutes because I am a hard sleeper.
After that, I got the cutest outfit on I own. I looked out the window to see what the weather would be like today. it was murky and ugly outside. It was very dark, an obvious storm coming. But delirious me couldn't see that if it fell right on my head. My goal today was to talk to my crush, I hope. I did my makeup and finished my hair. I had just enough time to write more lyrics to a song I'm working on.
I was playing my gutair and singing, when I caught a glimps of the clock. 6:23. I was running late. I always forget time when I'm in my music. I put everything away, grabbed my backpack and ran down stairs. I was so fast it had to be a new record. "Hey, mom. I'm running late. I'll pick up some breakfast on the way to school! I love you!" I yelled while running out the door. My mom said she loved me too but I was already out the door. I went to a cafè and picked up a bagel and a mocha cappitchino. Luckily there was no line or I would've skipped that too.
I was almost to school when I caught up with a group of friends. We walk to school every morning together.
"So are you gonna talk to him today" my friend Jasmine asked, you should you need to!!
"Yeah yeah I know. You guys tell me everyday." I replied
After our little chat. We were quiet the rest of the way to school. As we were two blocks away from the school it started to pour down rain. We all screamed and ran the rest o the way with our backpacks above our head. We were drenched when we got there. Then again everyone was. This was not a good day to go out of my way and work really hard on my hair and makeup. Everything was ruined. Everything..
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