This is about a girl named Esme who's been abused as a child by her father she lives in the woods she finally runs away from her dad but on the other hand one direction takes a three week break from TMH tour and goes camping what will happen when they see a girl in pain and broken will one of them fall for her


2. let me help you


     Nialls pov 



     so me and the boys decided to take a break from the tour and go camping yup in the woods just relaxing a bit from the concerts. we baught an R.V. And were staying here for a couple of days just a couple dont worry. so me and the lads thought it would be  nice to walk in  the woods for a while *skip 5 min.* we r in the middle of the woods just talking next thing we know theres a girl bleeding from her upper arm and covered in dirt and she looked beautiful she was wearing a white dress with long raven (dark ) hair  she had bruises alover her body. I elbowed Liam and showed him wat i was looking t he told the boys to look where I was looking I called for her attention she saw me and made a run for it iI rn after her she was fast but i was faster I ended up takling her to the ground she passed out I carried her bridal style i walked all the way to the camp site the boys followed me and the Liam opened the door for me i took her to my room and set her down on my bed she was asleep i closed the door no one wa sin the room but me and her i left the room and went to go get a wet towel and and a water bottle  i came back i cleaned her face neck and arms i cleaned the cut carefully  i got the first aid kit from my closet yes Liam make us have one in case of an emergancy i owe him one. i wrapped her arm and when i was done i watched her as i  put a blanket over her i thought she was my princess forever . She started to wake up  she sat up looked at me next thing i knew she was at the door good thing i locked it i walked towards her  she backed up to a corner and strted to cry i bent down to her level i told her" i wont hurt you please ;et me help you"



    Esme's pov 


    the words he said were comforting he held a hand out for me and i took it .It was a risk i was willing to take i stood up but i fell instantly but he catched me i knew i could trust him




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