This is about a girl named Esme who's been abused as a child by her father she lives in the woods she finally runs away from her dad but on the other hand one direction takes a three week break from TMH tour and goes camping what will happen when they see a girl in pain and broken will one of them fall for her


1. Don't run I can help

Esme's pov

That's it I'm tired of him doing this . The abused the blood and never being outside . I'm always in the woods either geting wood or killing animals for him and what do I get left overs hardly even water . The only thing hat he got me for my bday is a white casual dress from two years ago . No shoes just this . He's the reason I never been able to go out in public why because I have no shoes long hair and no it's not tangled I get five minutes of free time yea every 2days if I behave I brush my hair with the comb my mom left me before her passing . Well anyways I just ran away from my dad and he cut my uppe arm 2x and yesterday he stabbed me so I'm in the wood in apart where I've never been to before wierd

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