More than friends...

Rydel Lynch has always had feelings for her bandmate Ellington Ratliff, but ever since he has started dating Kelly Rydel has thought about giving up. He could never feel the same way right? Or does he react like she never thought he would? Hope you all enjoy!! :)


6. I can't believe this

Rydel's POV

I was leaning on the wall as he sat on my bed. It was really quiet.

"Ry,..I just... I don't know what to say hah" He was looking at the ground.

"Listen Ratliff if this is about what happened with Dylan---

"It's exactly about that Rydel!!" He exclaimed as he looked at me.

I was still leaning on the door and he was on the edge of my bed.

"I don't understand..."I replied.

"Rydel tell me something.."

"yeah?" I said getting butterflies.

"Were you going to kiss Dylan?"

Now we were looking into each others eyes from across the room.

"Well yeah I guess,"

"Why?!?! Rydel why would you do that?" He asked as he stood up putting his hands on his head as if he were stressed.

"Why not?!" I fired back.

"Rydel, haha you don't get it! You have been waiting to share your first kiss with someone you care about, not the 'cute hockey player' you just met!" He said mockingly as he took a step towards me.

"Ratliff you are the one that doesn't get it! I am so ready for  my first kiss, I'm sick of waiting and being the pathetic 19 year old lip virgin!"

He looked at me.. his eyes didn't leave me.

As he walked closer to me until our faces were only inches apart. As our eyes were locked I couldn't seem to think about anything but his eyes. The butterflies in my stomach were overwhelming.

"Rydel, I want your first kiss to be with someone that loves you" he whispered as he grabbed one of my hands.

I just kept looking at him, barely breathing.

"Someone that you won't regret it with...." He whispered as he put his other hand on my cheek.

I had no thought. I just kept looking up at him as his face got closer to mine..

Finally his soft lips met mine, they were slightly moist. As he closed his lips on mine, he was pressing my body with his against the wall. He turned his head to correspond with mine and slipped the end of his tongue in my mouth. As we swiped our tongues together I felt myself being closer to his body than ever. He pulled away and looked into my eyes, his hands were still on my cheeks. He slowly and gently kissed my lips once more. He let go of me.

Next thing I knew he was out the door.


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