The Love Stunt

What should i do????? I cant be...i i i I shouldnt wait could i could i really like him but it would make me a horrible sister Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Im so sick of this ok i admit defeat i like Louis William Tomlinson


2. Chillin with The Boys

"Uhm... Hi......" i said akwardly as the got close to my face "You have beautiful eyes" he said seductivly "Uhm.... thanks can u please get out of my face.." "Of course goregous" he said and winked,I turned pink so i try to turn away,as he gets closer to me,someone pulled me to his chest he smelled good after i regain my balance from dizzyness i saw it the same eyes he smiled and whispered in my ear "My princess you shall be mine..." i became as red as a tomato he giggled and carried me bridal style to a seat i just turned away from him i was to embarassed to look at him as he layed me down i bit my lip "Uhm.. so what do you need??" I asked nervously "I just want to ask you your name??" He said "Its Celina" "Well Celilna im Louis" Louis that sounded familiar wait Louis he is part of one direction "Are you One Direction?!?!?" "Well yes yes we are" a voice came behind me then without warning a pair of blue eyes pooped out of nowhere "She's pretty Lou" he said with a smile i smiled and blushed a little "Im sorry but i saw her first" Louis sarcasticlly said and pouted i cant help but laugh at him, after hanging out with them my phone rings like crazy i answered it "Hello?" "Celina!!!! Where are you the band will be in the studio in 10 minutes please hurry!!!!!!" "Okay ill be there take a chill pill Marie" well if ill be going there i think should go with them "Hey guys want to go on a ten minute drive?"

Authors Notes
Sorry if it is short im kinda distracted with school work
Lots of Love
Celina Oballo
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