The Half-Truth (One Direction)

Claire's mother Elizabeth Mccray, famous author, takes herself and her daughter from New Jershey to London, England. Of course Claire, 17, is not happy about moving halfway through her senior year at highschool. Once settled into her new home, she meets some of the best friends she'll ever have; Morgan, Jessica, Ethan, and of course, the boys. Claire realizes that maybe this is the chance she's been waiting for; a fresh start. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for a boy she never thought she would love. Claire's new friends want to trust her, but they know she's not telling them someting important about herself.


1. A Not-So Great Idea



"Claire!", my mother yelled at me from the top of the stairs,"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

I had just gotten home from school.  I threw my bag on the floor, kicked off my shoes, and slowly dragged myself up the stairs.  I walked to the end of the long hallway and into my mother's huge bedroom.  I guess you could say we were rich.  My mother,  the famous Elizabeth Mccray, wrote some book about organic housekeeping and managing your budget at the same time and people ate it up.  She had been featured in a bunch of newspapers, magazines, and TV shows that I hadn't bothered to read or watch.  She decided to follow it up with another book about all-natural cooking and made another million.  In short, we're pretty comfortable.  Now, my mom was sitting in the middle of her elaborate king sized bed.  Boxes and bubble wrap littered the floor.  A lot of her clothing and jewlery was packed away.  My stomach knotted itself; it was so obvious what was happening.  My mother began to speak as if the situation wasn't obvious," Claire, remember last month how I told you that my books more popular in the U.K than they were here? Remember? I had to go to England and Ireland for a bunch of interviews?"

I nodded, feeling numb inside.

"Well," she continued calmly," A book company in London offered me a deal.  If I can write a couple more books like the ones I had written, they will pay me double what I make with my current publishing company, with one condition."  My mother paused, almost as if for dramatic affect, "We have to move to London, their publishing headquarters, because they're going to have to work with me alot."

She waited patiently for me to process the information.  I looked at her, quite angrily actually, " Why can't you just video conference or something?  What about my school?  What about my friends?  This is the middle of my senior year.  I've already chosen a college!  I can't just leave now!"  My mother looked at the ceiling like she was thinking Why are teenagers so melodramatic?.  That just made me even more mad.  "Claire, the decision was made a couple month ago.  Nothing can sway me, especially your whining", my mother said patiently, "Anyway, this will be a new start, away from, you know..".  My mother's voice faded off.  She won't even say what really happened.  She thinks that if she doesn't talk about it, that it would be like it never happened.  I, on the other hand, will never forget.  I couldn't, even if I wanted to.  I glowered at my mother, who was looking out of her huge bay window, as if she couldn't see me.

"I suggest you start packing, Claire.  We're going to be leaving in two weeks."


Once I got to my room on the other end of the hallway, I threw myself onto my bed.  I lay there for another ten minutes, trying to process this little bit of life-changing information.  I finally sat myself up and walked toward my floor length mirror.  I looked at my black hair with red highlights.  I wore a a simple t-shirt, jeans, and combat boots.  No, just because I was wearing combat boots and had black and red hair, didn't make me goth.  Gosh.  What a stupid steriotype.  Unfortunately, I had my father's eyes, nose, hair, and other features.  I scowled in the mirror before turning away.  At least I was moving somewhere intresting.  Hmmmm.  London, England?  At least the boys will have cute accents.

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