Hi. I Hate You. (A Harry Fanfiction)

~ rated 14+ ~ Lexis just wanted a normal life. She wants to grow up and get out of this pricky town of Cheshire, England. She wants to go to college and master in photography. What's holding her back? Harry. Yeah, I said it. Harry Styles. From One Direction? Bet you've heard of them. He hurts me and abuses me everyday. He makes me sick. I hate him. All the horrid things he does to me.. Bruises all over my innocent body, no wait. He took that from me too. My innocence. The one thing I had left. My parents are dead. Im an only child.. Through all the things harry does though, I still find a reason to love him. He was my best friend...


3. Such A Tease



I found her sweet spot, that one sensitive spot that could make her moan. The place that made her even more vulnerable than she already was.

As I tossed her laced bra across the room, I kept giving her hickeys. I could feel her shiver and get goose bumps. I wonder if she enjoys this? At this rate, I am completely sobered up and I honestly have no clue if she has noticed or not.

As I sent hickeys around her neck, she placed a hand in my curly hair, making me moan a little.. She knows my spot now. Great.

I started massaging her boobs, with force yet somewhat care. I took off my pants and then hers. I crawled over top of her on the bed, and started to kiss her.

She pushed me away, "Harry!"

She saw my buldge. I snapped, "Continue, or else." and she seemed to have understood. I started kissing her again and rubbed one of my hands on her inner thighs, and the other on her boobs. I rubbed by dick over her clit and she instantly turned on.

Moaning my name, "Harry, fuck."

By this point, she started to push my boxers down, but I stood up for a second to take them off. While I took them off, she took her panties off and I was right. She was wet.

"Somebody's a little eager.." I teased her.

She shook her head, "I just want you to be happy so this will be over with."

"Lexis, you're as wet as a pool." and I laughed at her.

She closed her legs, and told me to just finish already. So I did.

I rubed my thumb over her clit while she moaned in pleasure. "Harry, it.." and I shushed her, sticking three fingers inside her. She arched her back, "Ugh! Hazza!" and I smirked.

"Do you like this?" I asked her while thrusting my fingers into her as fast as possible..

She moaned, "Haz, Im cuming!!" and I felt her walls start to tighten.

I pulled out of her right then and stopped. I knew she would beg for more. I wanted to hear it.

She indeed did, "WHAT? YOU ASSHOLE. Ugh!" she yelled at me. I let her sit there for a minute. Just listening to her beg for me..

"Harry, please don't make me beg."

"Hazza, I just need to let it out."

"You fucking tease. I hate you."

"Harry, please. Can you let me cum? Get inside me.. Now."

So now she's ordering me to do this? Well, I can't simply deny such an offer. This is definitely better than a one night stand.

I replied, "Alright, babe."

And with that, I stuck my large cock into her small tight pussy. I didn't even give her time to adjust. I started thrusting into her, "Lexis, fuck. You're so tight!"

"You led me on this way! I hate you!" She yelled.

I said, "I-I'm cumming-g.."

"Me too..- FUCK." and we sat there. Just pleased with ourselves. I left her body and laid next to her.

He harshly said, "Get out." and I left.

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