Mind Trap

Written in two twin sisters P.O.V.'s, this story is about Camilla, who occupies herself by art and reading, and Cassandra, who likes cell phones and acting. They're just normal twins with normal problems...they both live in completely different worlds! They have different friends, talents, and clothing styles, but there's one thing the two both enjoy- writing. One day somebody comes into both Cassandra and Camilla's lives, trying to fix their rough relationship. It change's the girl's lives forever and what they think of about one another. :D
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7. Camilla 4




A week had gone by since our truce, and our bickering never stopped. I tried to apologize, but Cassie never listened.

I screamed when Cassie returned my blue dress to the mall under my nose, even though I had paid for it with my own money from my Back-to-School-Clothes-and-Supplies-Fund. Then she took the money to buy 13 packs of Jumbo Munchers, and ate them all. I loved that dress, even if Cassie did pick it out, and I really was hoping someone would ask me to the fall dance, so I could show it off. Cassie was grounded for half a year from karaoke parties and had to repay the fifty dollars that the dress cost. I wanted to buy it again from the store when Cassie had given me the money, but the dress had been bought and there was only a plus size and a children’s size left.

I didn’t like revenge, so I only told mom and dad and left it at that. Dad also hung a sheet between our sides of our room. So much better. Just when I thought Cassie and I were getting back to our normal lives, Cassie had a fight with Jonah.

Apparently Cassie had asked Jonah to go to the dance with her, and Jonah said he already had someone on his mind. To tell you the truth, I almost felt sorry for her. But I didn’t.

Cassie spent all the rest of that Saturday crying. I cried too, for really no reason at all. When Cassie came on my side of the room, begging for another truce,

I said no, and stated my reasons.

1. Cassie can never keep a truce.

2. I didn’t want to be involved in her dramatic love life.

3. She may get out of being grounded, which in my case is very unfair.

4. I want to practice picking out another dress for the dance, just in case I do get asked.

5. I liked my privacy that I had right then.

6. And lastly, NO.

Suddenly, there was a tap at the window. We looked out and our eyes just about popped out of our head.

There, standing outside in the rain, was a most ugly face I had ever seen.

An old face, wrinkled and covered in warts sat on top of a tall, skinny body. You could see the veins and bones showing beneath the skin, and wore a worn dress.

Cassie screamed, of course. I just stood and tried to sort the hundreds of thoughts that crammed into my head.

The figure tapped on the window. I moved a step backwards, unsure of what to do.

“MOM!” Cassie screamed. “DAD! LEO!”

          Mom came in our room, expecting a big fight between the two of her daughters. She looked annoyed as she said, “What do you need?”

Cassie pointed to the window.

“I don’t see anything.” She started to leave.

“Mom . . .” I said.

“There’s nothing out there; just the tree and the roof of Jonah’s house.”

“Mom!” Cassie said through clenched teeth.

I stared out the window. The- Witch? What would you call that . . . thing? - was clearly there, her arms folded, staring at me and Cassie.

“Do you have you contacts in, Cassie? And Camilla, uh . . . I don’t know what you’re seeing, but whatever it is, I don’t see.”

With that she left, shutting our door.

The witch tapped again, my heart beat faster. Looking at Cassie, we shared a look which meant, run! Once we were safely in the hallway, Cassie talked.

“Uh . . . you saw that . . . right?”

Yes . . . I saw . . . Cassie saw . . . mom didn’t. What was that thing at our window? I thought. I said. “Uh huh.”

Cassie’s eyes opened wide. “Weird stuff is happening.” She said. I just thought . . . but it wasn’t my thought . . .”

What is going on? Whatever that was, it was not my thought in my head. It had a different sound to it; and I could tell it wasn’t mine.

“Cassie . . .” I said, confused.

“Camilla . . .” She whined.

          Now, Cassie will tell you the rest.    


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