Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


17. just so you know :)

 Hi im Hannah. I love to read and Write. Ik what your thinking, Does she have a social life? And the answer is Yes I do. Acctually my friend Chelo told me I was really good at writing when I wrote my first story. (Mistakes:a Niall Horan Love Story)

I will write more to this story but I wont publish it till its done. Its easier for me. It will be called, There is a reason for everything. <------ im calling it that ecause it is close to the first story and then its also easier for my blonde head lol

I hope you like this one. If you want me to read some of your stories tell me. If you want to chat you can always tell me your kik and ill kik you lol or your instagram. you can follow me but I wont follow back unless you ask (Sorry to many stalkers) My username is hannahlovesOneDirection_

Anyways If you liked it dont come back... (you know your a true Directioner when you know who says that)

Bye i love all you beautiful people :)

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