Everything Happens for a Reason

Hannah isnt popular. She is very shy when you first meet her. She has always got picked on. She love this band, One Direction,who made her feel important. She had a huge crush on Niall. Her mom kept a secret from hannah which came back to bite her. Now Hannah is with The boys.


15. Im So Sorry..

Nialls POV: i felt so bad that I lied to her. I didnt want to ruin our relationship. I know she will be mad when I tell her. i got on the plane. I laid my head back and fell asleep. I dreamt about Hannah and her light blue eyes and silk blonde hair.

Hannahs POV: I didnt want to go get a room just yet. I wanted to take in the beauty of the day. It felt good going outside since the accident. It felt nice to walk with the breeze. My leg started to hurt because I got hit really hard in it. I walked to a near by hotel and checked in. when I got up to the room I flopped on my bed. I turned on the T.V. and saw Niall at a club. He was with a girl. She had brown hair and she was about my higth. She was way prettier though. There was pictures of him kissing her. I felt a sence of dread and sadness. Why would he cheat on me? I asked myself. I had to talk to him but I knew he was still on the plane. I made a plan while I was laying in my bed upset. I wouldnt say anything untill he did, I wanted the story from him. I love him no matter what happened, Ill stand beside him no matter what. I felt my phone buzz. It was a twitter messege. "I heard Niall cheated on you... Well at least he found someone pretty.....finally." Is what it said. I wasnt mad. I had been getting hate a lot since everyone found out about me. I was mad though. I was more hurt though. What did he do with her? How far did they go?

Nialls POV: I woke up just as the plane landed. When I got out of the airport I got a cab. I called Hannah. "Hello?" "hey babe." I said. "Oh..Hey where are you?" She asked. "Im in the cab.What hotel are you in?" "The one we where in before we had the accident." I told the cab where to go. I heard a sence of sadness in hannahs voice. "what room number?" I asked as I made it to the hotel. "420" She said. I paid the driver. "Ill be right up. love you" I said. "Yup" then she hung up. I walked up to the room. I felt like I should have ran away. I knocked on her room. She came to the door and let me in. "Hey babe." I said. "Hey. How are you?" she asked. "Im not happy...How are you?" Even though I already knew the answer. "Im happy your here. Im happy your safe. Im happy I love you. You know what you should be happy about." Her voice rised. I didnt speak. "you should be happy I dont find that slut you kissed yesterday night and punch her fucking mouth in!" She yelled. She turned around and was breathing heavely. "Babe. we just kissed. I was drunk. I know what happened though." I said. calmly. "How can you be so sure, Niall!?" She yelled. "Because Zayn slept in the same room! We didnt do anything!" I yelled back. She had a hurt face. "so you brought her back to your room?" She said in a low voice. "Yea. But we didnt do anything." I said. Hannah started to cry. I tried to hug her but she pulled away. "Niall.. I love you so much. Dont do it again. Please." she said. In my head i thought. 'YES! Another chance!' but I was shocked that she was letting me have another chance. If i was her even though all i did was kiss a girl I would have kicked myself to the curb. "I love you too. I love you so much." I said. I ment it.She looked at me with her teary eyes. He tear stained face. She was perfect. I know I have said it so many times before but everytime I have ment it. I wipped her tears away. "I mean it Hannah I love you more than I love food!" SHe laughed. She came in for a hug. I didnt let go untill my legs got sore from standing for so long. I kissed her lips so pationatly.

Hannahs POV: I was upset but I trusted he wouldnt do it again. when he made me laugh I felt like it was Niall. Not the drunk that I was mad at. He kissed me, It was amazing, so loving. I looked into his eyes and i smiled. His handsome face and his blue eyes. His smile so perfect. His blonde hair what needed to be cut. He was Niall. He was perfect.

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