Mystery Girl Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to be noticed, or have a friend? Not Scarlett Moon, she’s an invisa-girl. She parades in the Sit and Silent at her old school. In the old halls. Scowled by the old teachers. She walked down the hallways, different from everyone else. Her mismatched eyes: blue and brown, her lanky arms and legs, and her big head too small for her body. She blended in though, not noticed by the other pupils. Her over-exaggerated sister, Pandora always stole the attention. Just the way she liked it. Secretly she loves the class president, Louis. He doesn’t love her though. Barely her mom and Pandora do....maybe.


2. What Are You Doing Here?


“Ariel! Ariel! Who will kill you? Why the numbers? What happened?” Scarlett screamed, “Scarlett! Get that snake away!” Pandora commanded, her younger sister by two years was a prized trophy according to her parents.  “Ariel! Where’d you go?” Scarlett screamed in terror, “SCARLETT!  LISTEN TO MY PANDORA!” their mom screamed, Scarlett’s mom insisted that she was called Moona.  “Thank you Moona!” Pandora smiled, “Come on! We can’t be late!  Moona, My Pandora, and the other one, get in the car!” Pandora’s dad  slammed the front door adjusting his tie.  “Where are we going?” Scarlett blinked, “Where do you think!?!? Perfect Pandora’s recital!”  “But Daddy I didn’t even go to school.” Scarlett protested.  “Be quiet Scarlett and get in the car!” Moona rested her head on her husbands shoulder.  “Ready?” Moona pushed the pedal, Scarlett saw a black hair and slowly emerged Ariel.  “Eww! Daddy get rid of that road-kill!” Pandora whined, “Road-kill where? Did I run over it?” Moona alarmed.  “Get out of here derelict!” Ariel ran after the car.  “Ariel! Ariel!” Scarlett screamed, “Scarlett! Shut-up!” everyone urged, Scarlett slumped down and looked outside.  “I can’t wait to wear my blue Crem De La Coo tutu! And my sparkly hair ribbon! And my marvelous pink Pointe Shoes!  And my glimmering blue and silver makeup! I can’t wait to do my pirouette, passé, pas de cheval, Pas de chat, grand jeté, Grand pas, foutté, chassé, sissonne, and my triple runs! Oh Moona I’ll be great!” Pandora babbled.  “I know my one and only perfect little girl.” Moona smiled, “Thanks Moona.” Pandora grinned realizing that Moona favorited her instead of Scarlett.  “Mikhail, Pandora.  We’re here.” Moona parked.  “Why are you here?” Louis bumped into Scarlett again, “I-I..” Scarlett stuttered.  “Scarlett! Lets go! You need to see Perfect Pandora’s performance!” Moona called, “I-I-I gotta go.” Scarlett pointed to the door.  “Me too!  Let’s sit together!” Louis smiled, ‘He wants to sit with me!’ Scarlett broke into pieces.  “Sah-yah-wah-okay.” Scarlett spitted it out,  “Great! Let’s go!” he held her hand and entered the dark theater as music played.


A/N: I’m sorry this one’s shit. I couldn’t think of anything.  I tried my best though.  XOXO!

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