Gift: The Rebellion

Rory Stone has a Gift, and the whole world wants to see.

Rory Stone felt that his life was perfectly normal, the days spent with his best friend Towlen even managed to make it vaguely bearable, even interesting, but once he finds he's got a Gift, his world starts tumbling around his shoulders. Tea with the Queen, Shapeshifters missing, children sleeping and never waking up... and Rory is in the middle.


1. Prologue


The Shapeshifters arrived in Great Britain on the 31st of August 1939, the day before England declared war on Germany.

    France was the first to warn the British.

    The Shapeshifters came out of nowhere. They were seen throughout the streets in many forms, animal and human, emanting a blue glow, greeting families, children and the elderly. If a human was in danger they would help, if a child was crying they would provide comfort and when the government invited them in to the war effort, they accepted. They proved their worth and alliance. After the initial fear and anxiety, it took many months for the government and general public to admit them into society as domesticated animals, but it took years for them to discover that they were so much more than that.

    The Shapeshifters were a highly intelligent and a largely unknown life-form far superior to humans in every way. They joined the fight against the enemy, were able to save desperate citizens from destroyed houses, were used to raise the alarm of incoming bombers and were sent to war disguised as men. A soldier could always tell when one of the men was not truly human by the night black gloves that he would wear because for reasons unknown, Shapeshifters did not acquire the Paton marks that humans had, allowing them to perform magic.

    They were England’s most dependable and depended on ally and neither race broke the trust that invariably bonded them together. However, the humans were at a disadvantage. They knew why they needed the Shapeshifters, but they did not know why the Shapeshifters needed them.

    France continually pleaded with the British government to sever their ties with the Shapeshifters. The creatures worried them, scared them, and they would not accept the offer of their help in the war, nor would any other nation. By November of 1940, France had given up all hope of persuading Great Britain to dissolve the collaboration.

    After the war was won, the Shapeshifters set out to choose companions if they had not already done so. Children were the most likely to form a companionship and to this day it is still believed that this is because of their naturally innocent hearts.

    In 1946, a new law was passed that Shapeshifters were not to ever shift into human form. The punishment for this crime is still shrouded in mystery as it has yet to be broken.

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