I Won't Forget.

Hannah has the perfect life. She just got a recording contract. What happens when tragedy hits. This is not a perfect love story it ends in heart break and desire.


1. Chapter 1.



Hannah's P.O.V

i woke up it was freezing today. I looked  at the time and decided it would probably be best to get out of bed seen as i start work in 1hr and 30 minutes, i tore my self out of bed, it was so warm and now i am freezing i quickly ran to the shower adn turned it on hot. I took a look in the morror adn wow i was a mess today,


I undressed myself and hoped in the shower, i let the warm water trickle down my back i ran my fingers threw my hair, it was pretty nottie but i didnt really want to wash it so instead i just washed myself and debated for about 5 minutes whether i should actually get out of the shower but i just turned it off quickly and then stepped out. 


I wrapped my light blue towel around me and went into my closet, i didn't have much time to choose an outfit because my bum was freezing, i grabbed an over size navy blue nitted jumper that went just above my knees, then i put jeans on. I have quiet thin legs so the jeans fitted well.


i walked into the bathroom and dryed my hair. i put mascara and foundation on and then got my curler out, it heated up nearly straight away, my hair goes to my belly button its brown and wavy. I loosly curled it and tightly braided the front part of my hair. i looked in the mirror and thought to myself i look okay. I went down stairs and made a fruit salad and a glass of chocolate milk, yeah not a good mix but i really felt like both of them this morning so i did. i have to go to work now or i am going to be late, we have a new girl starting today and i have to help her. 


i grabed my keys and and phone and went out into the cool British airs, i quickly got in my mini cooper and drove to work. 




I arrived at work, i work at Holliester, i love it and next door is a start bucks it is the best ! I walked in and said hello to Brooke she is my best friend, she always cheers anyone up by the stuff she says adn she doesnt even think befor she talks, but i mean c'mon we all have that one friend you just doesnt think, well brooke yeah thats her. 

anyway i went to the back of the shop and put my keys and phone in the pigon hole. I grabbed my little lanuin with my workers card in a plastic sleeve that hangs off anf keys for the dressing rooms. I threw it around my neck when i herd the shop door open i wuckly walked out and the customer was waiting at the counter, i walked over and put a big smile on 


"Hi im Hannah, how may i help you ?? "


"hi im Eleanor Calder, im new here i just got the job that was open..." Eleanor replyed with a smile 




hi everybody,

comment what you think if you dont liek it i wont even bother to keep writing

hope yous like it, pretty please coment what you think (:

~ the person who writes this (: 


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