Princess and the Pop Star

I was rushed out of the kingdom when they found out the enemies were in the castle. I didn't even say goodbye to my mother or father because I was in such danger. Now my royal guards say I have to lay low and stay in a land called England
And act like a normal teenage girl.


1. The awakening

Alissa's P.O.V
I was awoken by a royal guard of mine shaking me from my deep slumber. At first I did not remember anything then it all hit me. Me being rushed out of the kingdom, not saying goodbye to my parents knowing that I would never see them again. I quickly opened my green eyes and brushed out my long wavy brown hair with my fingers. I felt very dirty and hungry I looked at my olive skin to see if it was damaged in anyway which thankfully it wasn't . I look at my surroundings I was on a plane. I asked my royal guard where we were going he said nothing but "somewhere far away" and that was it. I was confused and scared what if they are going to kidnap me I never really trusted the guards. I soon got tired of this secretive act so I snapped him " tell me where I am going or else I will have y- " I couldn't finish my sentence because before I could finish a rag was put over my nose and everything went black and I was out cold.

Zayn's P.O.V
Simon has called me in for a meeting and only me I was scared I've been absent at a lot of events lately and I think he might kick me out of the band that would ruin my life I love it with the boys and my fans I don't know what that would do to them. I knocked on the door twice to be polite Simon told me to come in I hesitated to open the door but I did. "
Do you know why I have called you in here today" Simon says "no" I say. " we'll for the past couple of weeks you seemed lonely, shy, down in the dumps so I think the best solution is to-" before he could finish the sentence I cut him off " Simon before you say it I love it here If you kick me out of the band that would break and the fans so please before you say please rethink your decision. " Zayn" Simon says " I wasn't going to kick you out of the band I was going to say you need a girlfriend I think it's for the best She will make you happy. " oh so what your say is I have your permission to date someone" " yes indeed Zayn that is what I am saying. Yes finally I thought this day would never come. I walk into this office scared out of my mind now I'm walking out of hear like a boss
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