I'm not crazy, Just incredibly sane.

Emma has never been able to fit in on account of being different from the other children and finding it easier to talk to adults but they never take her seriously so she mostly keeps to herself. shes always wanted to know why shes different but when she finds out she realizes that the truth is more extreme than the ever imagined...


1. Background



I don’t want to write this but apparently I will get over some sort of mental trauma if I write down my experiences somewhere. This is worrying on two accounts.

 Number 1: what mental trauma? As far as I can tell I’m the only sane person around. Funny that, I spend my whole life being sane and normal but for some reason when things go wrong it’s me they look at as the crazy person but in a way that’s good… I think, at least I don’t have to worry about sounding like a blithering idiot when they all think I’m one anyway. Number 2: once they trust you with a pen you know a- they’ve given up and b- you’ve had it.

So anyway I would normally begin by telling you my name but since I don’t technically have one now I’ll just tell you what I was called before- well I can’t tell you what it was before because that would sort of ruin the sense of mystery I’m trying to build up here- it happened. So yeah, I guess my name was Emma.

I’ve never really been able to fit in with other children my age, or any other age for that matter. I was always older than them in ever since of the word except from age as in by the time I was about 6 I had already developed a personality, a sense of humour, my own taste in music (that I still have to this day) and a fashion sense- i.e. hoodies, jeans, baggy top and trainers. This all wasn’t helped by the fact that I looked older than them to, I had acne age 8 and was my full adult height by the time I was 14. This didn’t lead to a good time in junior school that I will not go into.

So my story started when I was about to go back to school for the last half term before Easter…

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