Love gone Wrong

The life of the girl and the boys- a classic tale of a love gone wrong. A lifetime of Ellie (me!), Ana, Megan, Kasey, Maicy and the boys - Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry - as they struggle through teen years, trying to survive as friends. But, with rumors, lies and bullies making hard, will they do it? Tears are shed, hearts are broken. But what doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?


1. Our's will be a forbidden love.

Ellie's P.O.V

"Ellie!" my brothers voice screeched down the hall "WHAT?" I half screamed at him "You forgot your science book." Louis muttered. I sighed and said thanks as he passed it to me. I suppose I loved my brother, but, god! he wasn't half annoying! Me and Louis are twins and he is always flirting with Megan, my best friend! Later, after school, we all hung out at mine and Louis place while our parents are a business trip. We were all in the hot tub, but being me, I decided to go cannon balling into the pool next to it, with hardly an inch between the two I was certain my splash would hit the gang. Just as I got up in the pool, Niall knew what I was doing. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down. I t seemed to all happen in slow motion, "Don't do it!" It was said by niall in a long deep voice. I slowly fell back screaming "Noooo!". Back to normal speed, and everyone was laughing there arses' off. "You all stink! But, anyone want a beer?" Eagerly everyones hands shot up "None for you Lou!" I giggled and ran to the kitchen. I was shocked when I felt a pair of hands grab me from around the waist. I must've tensed up because when a familiar, soft voice rang out i was calm "Relax, it's me." His irish accent was strong. He spun me around and held me close, our foreheads and noses touching. The pink tips of my hair stroked his shoulders. Our lips met. This wasn't the first time we'd kissed, and I didn't want it to be the last. But here's the tragic truth, our love is forbidden like Romeo and Juliet, by Louis - well he is my brother. "Guys! Are you okay?" A voice getting closer made up seperate and go looking through the cupboards and fridge. Louis walked in, suspicion written all over his face. "We're fine." I said loudly making it obvious that he's annoying me "well, sorry sassy!" he snapped at me. He then upped and left after telling us to hurry up." Me and Niall went in for another kiss. He whispered into my ear and said "Our's will be a forbidden love." I loved his accent so much. 

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