Love gone Wrong

The life of the girl and the boys- a classic tale of a love gone wrong. A lifetime of Ellie (me!), Ana, Megan, Kasey, Maicy and the boys - Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry - as they struggle through teen years, trying to survive as friends. But, with rumors, lies and bullies making hard, will they do it? Tears are shed, hearts are broken. But what doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?


3. Meddling bitch


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updates in ages I lost my account got it back and then lost my laptop! But I'm back and I'm hoping to update loads! By the way there's a new character. She starts the next chapter.

Melissa's P.O.V.

She can't have Niall. She can't have him because I want him! She can have Louis or someone!

Oh wait... No she can't haha! I don't care how I do it but I'm going to get Niall and that's the end of it! 

"I honestly don't know what he see's in her!" I said to my best friend. "Why have her when he can have me? I'm popular and beautiful!" I knew it was true because I am - well - me!

"I know right!" Kassidy always agreed with me she was the way I'm gonna make Nial! 

"Oo! shush here she comes!" ..... 

Another A/N (I know, sorry!)

I know the chapter is short but it's because I have big ideas for the next one C:

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